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 Angry brother

Proverbs 24 22 says to not associate with an angry person.

 2012/5/3 23:21

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 Re: Angry brother

Are you saying that you are in need of his companionship? Is that due to a lack of companionship through other avenues?

Do you discern that the Holy Spirit has spoken to your conscience about it? I do not believe He will lead you astray. Only He can guide us through the difficulties of life. Fifty people could quote you fifty opposing Bible Passages that all seem to make sense in total opposition to one another. Use discernment, maintain a humble teachable spirit, and seek to please God with all your heart in what you do. None of us can really know the dynamic of your situation but Jesus does.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2012/5/4 1:42Profile

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 Re: Angry brother

Lee, i think you can help him financially without keeping company with him.

As to the issue of his need for companionship...your continuing to keep company with him would depend on whether he has a pattern of habitual anger. I mean, we ALL get angry from time to time and if we all had to stop associating with each other then we would all be in total isolation. So is this a habitual pattern or just a recent event?

If so, and if you do need to stop associating with him i think you should first let him know why, as instructed in Matthew 18. I don't think it is right to shun a brother without first letting him know why. He might not have a clue.
And the Word also says we are to exhort one another.

 2012/5/4 3:13Profile


Companionship issue related to anger, she gets very upset with people, and they pull away. Finances effected to, she gets upset with bosses and coworkers, affects advancement. We are all she has.

 2012/5/4 7:33


A ready, not myself in need of companionship, praise God, He has blessed with good people and family. That is why it is hard not to have compassion in this situation, hate to neglect her needs,

 2012/5/4 7:37


God answered.

 2012/5/4 19:42

 Re: Angry brother

There is a vast difference in being angry and having an angry spirit.

I have known several people to have an angry spirit and they are terrible people to live with, you can't reason with them. There is an aura of anger that surrounds their whole being, nothing is ever right, everyone has wronged them. My Dad was like that, couldn't stay in the same room with him for any amount of time before he blew his top over some iota thing that he didn't like.

Saul had an angry spirit.

Then the scriptures tells us to be angry and sin not. There are moments that we will become angry but don't take it out on someone else and then regret it. This doesn't mean that the person has an angry spirit, it means that they are frustrated about something.

 2012/5/4 21:10


Thanks for this wisdom. I think if I could sum up what I hear in you posts, we should not assosiate with a person with an angry character,
but with someone who has a struggle with a quick temper or angry attitudes, we can have a prayerful influence on, guarding our own hearts from the angry tendencies in our own flesh. Wisdom needs to be sought prayerfully from God on a moment by moment basis. I think I can cautiously continue.

 2012/5/5 0:44

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