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 Re: Aporoved

If Satan is setting io shop in the church (and I believe he is) , this has to be the organized structured church. The victorious church Jesus speaks of in Mat.16 will be that gathering where Jesus is present among two ir three. This is already being played out in the underground church in persecuted countries.

Perhaps this is best illustrated in China. Church where Satan has set io shop...Three Self Patriotic Movement Church. This church backed by antichrist government of China. Victorious on fire for Jesus churches if China. Those whom the government are persecuting.

Hope this might answer the question.


 2012/5/5 11:19

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Alberta, Canada


Hi, Approved. You asked, “How was Satan able to prevail against the Church? Taking from the verse, ‘And the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.’”

I think the short answer to your question is to recognize that it is only on resurrection ground that the church of Jesus Christ can be built. The church that stands on resurrection ground cannot be infiltrated by Satan. But if I am moving in the flesh, he finds his ground there. He finds his opening to come in. Unchecked he makes his seat there (his throne).

This has obviously happened in some churches-- in fact on a very large scale. Whenever and wherever people are still functioning in churches on the basis of the first Adam — with the mind of the flesh still active, and the works of their own hands—they are providing ground for Satan to come in.

Ultimately, of course, we have confidence that our Lord is building His church which the gates of Hell cannot prevail against. Jesus said, “the Prince of this world cometh, and has nothing in me.” Satan had no “ground” to stand on in Jesus, or to work in.

He has nothing in us either... as long as we abide in Christ — on resurrection ground.


Allan Halton

 2012/5/5 16:30Profile

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 Re: Obama's new health care bills-RFID Chip implant

Hi, from, Jesus explains as follows:
New World Order Plan to control your money and food
Sunday, April 17, 2011
My beloved daughter tell the world that they are about to witness a number of ecological disasters now.
They will occur in the most unusual and unexpected places and will be severe in their intensity. Man´s sinful behaviour has brought this about. Repent all of you and remember these climatic disasters will wake you up from your blind slumber and lack of faith. They are also taking place to dilute the impact of the evil group of global alliances and their wicked stupid activities. These groups under what I will term as a New World Government in waiting are planning to spring now under the leadership of the Anti-Christ. These same groups have brought about the collapse of the Banking system and will now destroy currencies everywhere. This is so that they can control you.
My daughter when I first shared this message some months ago you thought that the messages seemed bizarre yet you wrote down what I told you. The wicked evil plan these serpents, followers of Satan, has been plotted for some time now. Some of their cunning schemes are already being revealed yet many people believe that the world is simply going through yet another financial crisis. Wake up all of you now.
Look around you and see for yourselves. Stop trying to imply that the world is simply in the throes of a depression caused by a slump in the economy. Because this is not true. These people will now control each of you through a global currency and your country´s indebtedness. No country will escape their clutches. Please heed My word. Your money will be worthless. Your access to food and other necessities will only be possible through the Mark, the identification I spoke about. Please please do not accept this Mark because you will be lost to Me. This mark will kill you not just physically but spiritually. Remain
outside of this jurisdiction. Start planning your food stock piles, blankets, candles and water now if you want to avoid receiving The Mark. The Mark of the Beast.
He the Anti-Christ who will head this New World Government believes he will steal the souls of the human race. But he won´t. Just as many will fall under his influence so too will my followers remain steadfastly loyal to Me their Divine Saviour.
For all of you who will pour scorn on these prophecies listen now. Fall under the influence of this global power and you will be lost. You will need strong faith to survive. Prayers you request will be answered. I will protect you during this fearsome period on earth. Prepare now for group gatherings where you will be able to pray in peace and secrecy. They, the New World Order will also be in prayer in their own vile churches. These churches exist everywhere although they have been set up in secret. They hold sacrifices and pay homage to their idol Satan. These cults are rampant now and all share the one ludicrous goal, to control mankind. They will do this by attempting to control your money, food supplies and energy. Fight them in the best way you can through prayer and the spread of conversion. Pray too for
these deluded people who have been made promised of great wealth, technology, longer life and miracles. How wrong they are. They have been truly deceived. When they find out the truth they will have been plunged into the depths of Hell and it will be too late.
Pray pray all of you My Divine Mercy and the Most Holy Rosary every day as often as you can to alleviate the impact of this devious and demonic plan. Pray too for those souls who will be lost in the imminent global ecological disasters brought about by the Hand of God, the Father. They need your prayers. Please heed my plea for prayers for they will be answered.
Your beloved Saviour Jesus Christ

 2012/5/16 16:10Profile


Wow Fiat,
that was a nice cool glass of water with only a drop Or two deadly, damning poison. You had me at "Holy Rosary". Repent of the idolatry of Rome or you have already accepted the very mark you claim to speak against. There is still time. Mary is not coredeemer. Christ alone can save. Claiming Christ Himself is prophesying to say the rosary is misguided & a lie from the pits of hell. Repent and seek the Lord while He may be found. If you truly do, you will see the idolatry in Catholicism.

I wholeheartedly agree with you. The mark is predominately spiritual. I think there may also be a physical mark to accompany it in the end, but I'm not 100% sure. I'm 100% sure of the spiritual mark which affects a mans works and his thought life.

God Bless

 2012/5/16 21:04


You know, that chip will not damn anyone to hell, it's superstitious nonsense conjured up by clever men who began circulating these ideas into the Christian mind when the microchip was invented. Look how many got mixed up in these bible codes, it's sheer ludicrous. We Christians are the most superstitious people on the face of the earth. The things that we hold to sometimes put pagans to shame. Paul said that as soon as he was dead that ravenous wolves would enter in and would not spare the flock, and they have had their way down through the ages, and they are still with us today. They know how to draw people in, just talk about the future, give your take on how it will all end, Mars Hill is teeming with people with new ideas of how it will all end. We Christians love talking about the end days but get them to talk about giving your life up for Christ and you'll scarcely find a soul that is interested in hearing about that.

 2012/5/16 22:11

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Whether this rumor is true or not we do know this technology is being used in animals.

If this chip indeed is going to be the mark Revelation talks about, I think it is a real clever way for the enemy to blind people to the possibility that it will be what Revelation is talking about. Actually, I doubt one will one morning wake up and that it will suddenly be here to everyone's amazement and shock. As I understand the devil's modus operandi it will be subtle, slow, masquerading as something beneficial.

The reason people think it will be the mark is because Revelation tells us that nobody will be able to buy or sell without it. If one reads what its purveyors are dreaming about how it could/will be used it does give one pause.

Yes, I believe in the literal interpretation of people acquiring the mark of the beast and its attendant advantages and curse. Take your pick: it will be your choice and you cannot blame another for it. No one can escape this choice. Let us be ever watchful and alert - the Holy Spirit will teach us if we allow Him to.


I do wonder what motivates the amillennialist to disregard the literal interpretation of this scripture - Revelation 13:16-18? Is it because it sounds too dreadful to endure?

In any case, God's Word is true and we do well to be a fervent student of it - it will become a matter of life and death for us.

Sandra Miller

 2012/5/17 23:35Profile


Thank you, Ginnyrose.

 2012/5/19 13:27

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RFID chips are a reality, debit and credit cards have them embedded. They're passive tracking devices.Cell phones have GPS in them. Greg posted an article on how their is a push to put "black boxes", or "event recorders" in cars post 2015. Which is ironic, seeing as how we wont up CAFE mileage standards, but there's a push now for 'event recorders' in auto's

I have been told that people groups in remote places on this planet who never had access to land-lines phones, now have cell phones.

Since this is the case it makes this possibility very real - the possibility the devil will use the chip for his purposes.

In our business we only accept checks or cash. We are not set up to accept any kind of electronic payments of any kind, just old-fashioned cash and checks. The gov will give us readers so we can accommodate them, but so far have not accessed this assistance. It is interesting as I look back that other events have imposed themselves on us rendering our acquisition impossible. Wonder if it was a mere co-incidence or God inspired?

Methinks one needs to be aware, open-minded lest we be caught unawares.

Sandra Miller

 2012/5/19 13:56Profile


Since this is the case it makes this possibility very real - the possibility the devil will use the chip for his purposes.

IF, I say if, this has anything to do with bible prophecy at all, I have my doubts.

 2012/5/19 16:34

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"You know, that chip will not damn anyone to hell"

So you will guarantee that we surely will not die if we take it?

 2012/5/19 20:24Profile

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