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Find a good and reputable chiropractor.


 2012/5/3 9:57

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Randy Lambert

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Been there, done that. But yes, i do agree he needs to go to a chiro much more often (and i have told him so). The problem is he has been so exhausted from lack of sleep over many months he has not been able to get there, having a hard enuf time making it to his other doc appts. I think also that he felt he did not receive sustained relief from going to the chiro and really doesnt believe that the chiro can help him much.

UPDATE: My dear friend has received some temporary relief now from nerve blocking injections by the pain clinic doctor. He has also been taken off two drugs (which didnt work anyway). He is still in a lot of pain when walking and his legs have been giving out on him from time to time. He still is unable to sleep because of remaining pain and also being too hot even with a fan running. He is severely overweight now from lack of activity and from eating the wrong foods (elderly women regulary come and offer him baked goods which he says he doesnt turn down lest he hurt their feelings...i don't know what is wrong with him that he can't learn to simply say NO to people--this exasperates me).

Even without the pain he suffers from severe insomnia so that is another separate issue.

Thank all of you who have prayed or who will continue to pray for him in Christ. Please pray that he will find the spiritual strength and will to SAFELY go off the multiple so-called "anti-depressants" (aka modern day witches brew) that the witch doctors have put him on and which he is still using as a crutch instead of leaning on Christ. Those drugs have dangerous side effects also and long term use can cause brain damage (see the works of Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin M.D. for more on that issue), etc.

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thats why i likened his drug problem to mine ,,,those drugs are verry adictive so i brother never misunderstood the situation that he is in it was like mine ,,,,apart from the pain he has in the body is more then my back pain used to get ,,call a spade a spade ,and adictioons sinfull ,and let the holy spirit work a strong conviction ,,it is the only way to be set free from adictions

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