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 Five year old boy preaches open-air

[b]5 yr old preached Open-Air first time!![/b]

We went down to Fort Worth to hook up with a street ministry team there that goes out every weekend. That most inspiring thing happened!! A 5 year old named Josh stood up and preached open air for the first time on his own!! It was intense!!!

This is what Lis, the mother of Josh wrote:

I just want to share this with everyone:

Last night, a group of us were in Downtown Ft Worth. The weather wasn't too terribly cold, so I was able to take my son, Joshua. He is 5, and he truly cares about lost people and witnessing to them. He has been boldly passing out tracts for 6 months, and has started witnessing one on one at school with his kindergarten classmates. The first time I took him to Downtown, he heard Darrel Open- Air, and he has heard it many times since. Last night, after Jesse, Jeff, and Stephen had Open-Aired, we were waiting for people to be let out of the movie house, and Joshua was standing on the flower pot, practicing giving away Big Money for trivia questions. We were his rent a crowd & teaching him new trivia questions. Then, a real crowd walked by, so he started asking them trivia questions. They were answering for big money. Then, he got a volunteer & did the good person test. He went through liar, thief, blasphemer, and adulterer, and asked the guy if he would be innocent or guilty. The guy said innocent because of Jesus. Joshua continued by saying that he was guilty and would go to hell unless he repented, which meant turning from his sin, then he gave him grace. We had just watched the Passion before we went downtown, and he told them how Jesus was beaten and how they jabbed a crown of thorns in his head. He also told them it should have been them on that cross. He then thanked them for listening and hopped down. I was so proud of him! It was amazing that these kids were truly humbled. If I would have taken them though the law, or someone else, they would have told us we were judging them, we were hypocrites or whatever. But, since it was a 5 year old, they listened without any arguements. He also came across so sweet & compassionate! I think it's amazing how God can use even a child to tell people about Jesus and what He did for them. Many of us are so fearful about sharing our faith, because we fear man and man's opinion of us. But, children, they have so much faith, and they care about people so much; they are full of the Father's love. Become like a child, for such is the kingdom of heaven! So, if a 5 year old can do it, so can YOU!

[b]Preached with friends from OKLAHOMA[/b]

So some friends of mine from the Evangelism Boot Camp came down from Oklahoma. Avery and Tony are amazing men of God who love to go out and preach the gospel. All together we had maybe 20 people out. Some friends from Fort Worth like Stephen and Lis came out also. I am so grateful to God that he has connected me with so many other awesome laborers!!

We started the night the way it should be started, in prayer. We then walked the streets studying the battle field. Avery and Tony started talking to people and I was giving out tracts. We arrived very early for Deep Ellum around 8pm so there weren't many people out. But we soon found one spot where there was a long line waiting to get into a club.

I started preaching from a cross the street. "Hundreds and hundreds of people are all coming out here tonight. Why? Why so many people to this one spot? I know why. Because they want to have a 'good time' but the bible does call your 'good time' good, it calls it wickedness." From there I went out and had some heckling from the line but mostly they just watched and listened.


While I preached some professing Christians came out of the line to tell me I shouldn't preach the gospel here. Avery came and took them aside. They were apparently the band for the club. I eventually talked to them and said "It's great you guys play christian songs in these bars. Awesome! And it's great your witness one-on-one. Awesome! And I am out here to preach the gospel like the bible commands." I encouraged them to read the book of Acts and that was it. They seemed somewhat satisfied but I hope they keep reading the bible.

After I preached Tony went and gently exhorted them to follow Christ. He has a great heart and it totally shined through. Then Avery preached with much passion and conviction.

Shortly the line died down and we found another spot across the road from "Club Hush" but this time they didn't hush us up!! We all took turns preaching and we got some nice crowds. What is great is that they all travel in large packs so if you get a few interested, they all stop.


Around 1am it started to rain a little bit and so I called it a night since I still have an hour or two ride back home. I can't wait to see those brothers again!!

 2005/2/7 5:41

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 Re: Five year old boy preaches open-air

What an inspiring testimony of God and His answer for laborers. I know God can use children, my 4 year old is also a bold witness, sometimes more than I am. I am amazed at God using children, and pray He will continue to show Himself to the little ones who trust Him as they endure and grow in the faith. God is so good to be with His children and also let us come to Him as children.

Thanks for the encouraging report, I pray you continue to faithfully serve and love our Creator and He guides you, even in persecutions, sufferings, if needbe. That seems to be the way of many evangelists. Keep the faith, brother Jesse, He is worthy.


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