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 Prayer for Canada

From Intercessors Network:


We are in the midst of a struggle to keep same sex marriages becoming recognized through legislation in our nation parliament. A resent poll has shown that 67% of Canadians are against same sex marriages and a higher percentage would like a national vote on this decision.
However, Prime Minister Paul Martin refuses to send it to a national referendum nor is he willing to allow his caucus (members of the Liberal Party) to vote their conscience when this Bill comes to a vote in Parliament. Mr. Martin is viewing this as a human rights issue and refuses to see it any other way.
The Liberal Party holds a Minority Government in Parliament, which means that if enough Members of Parliament vote against any motion it is a sign of ’No Confidence’ in that government and a new Federal election has to be called.

There is strong pressure being put on individual MPs by organizations such as Focus on the Family and the majority of Christian churches as well as the Muslim, Sikh and Hindu religions. However, Mr. Martin seems hell bent in pushing through this Bill. The way our parliamentary system works is that we don’t know when they will hold a vote on this Bill, it could be next week or it could be in a couple of months. Which means they could hold it off until the people seem to have forgotten about it and then quickly send it through before anyone could raise the alarm.

Please pray that Mr. Martin’s eyes would be open to see that this is affront to God (he says he is a devote Catholic) and will be used as an opening for the Bible to be called hate literature (this was attempted in a court of law 3 years ago, but was thrown out as there were no legal grounds to base the accusation on. If this Bill goes through they believe that there will be ’legal’ grounds to condemn the Bible and anyone who teaches from it).

Please pray for the Liberal members of Parliament who will have the conviction that if they can not have a free vote in Parliament for this Bill that they will ’walk across the floor’ to the Opposition party (Conservative) who have said that they will vote against it. If enough MPs ’walk’ it will bring down the Liberal Government.

Thank you for your prayer support, it is much appreciated.
In Christ,
Catherine Mede, Nanaimo, B.C. Canada

Ron Halverson

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 Re: Prayer for Canada

Good remainder.
I have to admit that I have never prayed to god for this issue, althogh I am deeply troubled and enraged by the recent change in atitude towards sin of sodom and gomorah in Canada. It became politicaly correct to accept homosexulity as an ordinary way of life. Well, the world including Canada is filled with grose immorality and will persist in it till our precious Lord returnes to clense it with fire. Neverheless we who belong to Jesus are talled to pray for rulers even though we dont fill like it.
Thanks and prais be to God for the remnant in this or any other country.
May God richly bless you.

levan giorgadze

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