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 Powerless Church

I am tired of the excuses, the mediocrity of today's churches so here's what I have to say:

This attitude of “LUKEWARMNESS” MUST be done away with. This complacency with a Holy God MUST BE REMOVED!! I’m gonna say something and I hope it reaches your heart – I AM EMBARRASSED TO BE A PART OF THE CHURCH TODAY, BECAUSE I BELIEVE THE CHURCH TODAY IS AN EMBARRASSMENT TO A HOLY GOD!

Where are the Leaders of our Churches that have been called by God to bring REPENTANT CONVERSIONS TO THE FOOT OF THE CROSS IN HOPES THAT GOD WILL GRANT THEM FORGIVENESS AND CLEANSE THEM OF THEIR UNRIGHTEOUSNESS? Pastors why have so many of you become tied to this world? Why have so many of you chosen to dilute the Word of God just so you don’t lose the biggest GIVER in the Church. Why have so many of you chosen to fill COLLECTION PLATES AND PEWS RATHER THAN filling HEAVEN WITH REPENTANT SOULS…..WHY????

We wonder what’s wrong with the Church, why the church lacks power; You wonder why there’s compromise, lukewarmness, apathy within the church – It’s because we have opened up the gate that should be STRAIGHT AND NARROW and you’ve said “wide and easy is the path to salvation” the BIBLE SAYS ”STRAIGHT IS THE GATE AND NARROW IS THE WAY THAT LEADS TO LIFE AND FEW THAT BE FIND IT”.

PASTORS WAKE UP !!! So many today are so deceived, INCLUDING SOME PASTORS, The church is full of sin, full of people that are living sinful lives regardless of what Jesus did on the Cross, and some pastors say “it’s okay, your covered by the blood” or “there is NO condemnation for His Children”. You have convinced your congregation that they’re just going to walk right in those pearly gates and say “I was just having a good time”, “I said i was sorry”, “But God I was told that no matter what you loved me”.

Folks, listen to the stirring in your heart right now – In most of today’s churches you are being taught EMPTY PROMISES. Are you listening? Are you okay with “just enough” Are you okay with “I’m okay with going to church every now and then, I’m okay with just staying the same little wimpy ”christian” that you’ve always been.


Seriously, Look at today’s churches altar call, We bring the blind, sickly and hurting up to the front and we bring blind, sickly and hurting right back to their pews. And use the excuse “well God’s ways are not ours, oh well we’ll just keep praying” HOGWASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO POWER, NO FAITH, NO NOTHING!!!!!! When Jesus went into the home of a sick little girl, the parents had prayed but then told Jesus … Father don’t trouble yourself she is already dead…. Jesus walked into that bedroom and came out with a healthy little girl… IMMEDIATELY …NOT HOURS LATER, NOT MINUTES..BUT IMMEDIATELY- When the woman with eternal bleeding touched Jesus’ garment she was healed IMMEDIATELY!! Those are only 2 of the MANY HEALINGS throughout the Bible.


 2012/4/29 11:02

 Re: Powerless Church

Boy am I glad that I found this post before some of the bigger fish. You'll be eaten alive.

Dear friend everything you have said is just about true for some churches and for some of those who believe, for some of the time. There are a few (increasingly more) who behave and think the way you have posted. But if your going to be passionate about it, you will have to start sweetly and gently, just like Jesus. I hope you don't mind me smiling a little. But your enthusiasm is commendable, if a little risky. Bless you for that.

There is a narrow way, but it isn't a compulsion. It's a "who so ever." Believing on the other hand is a commandment of God. Peter preached on Pentecost, "God commands all men everywhere unto repentance". Jesus taught, "who so ever would follow me let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me.

Lastly don't be ashamed of the church. Its precious in the sight of God. No matter what its ailments may be.


 2012/4/29 11:28


chomp! chomp! Here we come ..

 2012/4/29 11:45


Andrew, my friend...let me explain something - I don't fear the anger of man, I fear not making men angry, I don't fear that my messages aren't good enough, I fear that my messages aren't Godly enough, for us to say that "today's church" is precious in the sight of God - IF YOU truly think that - then that breaks my heart, considering the condition of the message that is coming out of these churches today.

"God loves you", "God has a wonderful plan for your life" preaching this instead of what we are commanded to preach - REPENTANCE TO ALL NATIONS. This milk and honey, diluted gospel that today's church is delivering leaves sinners in a worse condition then before - STILL BORN.... So I thank you for your response but know this - the medicine that works the best - TASTES THE WORST

 2012/4/29 11:50

 Re: Powerless Church

Brother bless you for your zeal, fire, & passion. Make sure it comes from a heart for God & then quite frankly, ignore those who are lukewarm and those who come to water down the heart of truth, passion, & zeal, and those are scared that others may attack them for standing firm without compromise, not out of pride or contention, but holy zeal and fire from on High.
We should always do everything out of love, first for God then for man. Once you know your heart is pure in this matter speak the truth boldly and do not be ashamed. Some on this forum would have been ashamed of Leonard Ravenhill and told him to robe it down for "loves sake". Many tried. Thank God he obeyed God rather than men. Love is not harsh, but never compromises. Jesus spoke pretty straightforward to

 2012/4/29 11:55


Thank you my brother for that but please give God the glory because I can do NOTHING without HIM

 2012/4/29 12:00


Of course. All Glory belongs to Him!!

 2012/4/29 12:11

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 Re: Powerless Church

I love this, but let me say this. Jesus' Church is powerful, pure, and holy! Not weak, lukewarm, or sinful! There are plenty of people that are inside the walls of buildings that claim to be the Church, but are not. So be careful when you talk about God's people. I understand what you mean though.

In Love,

 2012/4/29 12:25Profile


thank you Joe for your words, rest assured - True Christians know what they are saved from, True Christians will weep over the "tares" in their church... But most importantly, True Christians won't just weep ....they will get out of the boat filled with apathy and do something...

People say all the time - God I know you have commanded me to go out and preach the Gospel to every living creature, but i'm gonna stay here and pray, God I know you say "How will they hear without a preacher", but i'm gonna stay here and pray, because it sure is easier to talk to you about people than it is to TALK TO PEOPLE ABOUT GOD.

It sure is easy to label yourself as a Christian - sure is easy to put your hands UP to God ..... How easy is it for you to put your hands OUT IN SERVICE to God?

Joe, please note that I'm speaking to the body of Christ today, not necessarily to you individually.

But I do have a question for you... How many times in the last 12 months have you shared your faith with a complete stranger?

 2012/4/29 12:39

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The only problem when you speak to the body of Christ and not to an individual is you begin to speak in generic terms and end up mixing up the 'tares' with the 'wheat'. The church starts with people and unless individuals' hearts begin to church the church cannot change.

For myself, I find myself battling my own being so much in staying on that narrow road. Parts of me want to just give it up and yet my heart becomes like that safety cable climbers uses in case they loose their step. I have to even search my own self to ask 'God, are you there' because of my own wonders but also when I get confronted with things from others. In this day in America there is quickly becoming the cult of reason and it is slicker than a wet fish and it is helping to grow the movement of atheism. At times I feel like Eljah, I think it is him, in which he went and hid in a cave after God did marvelous works. Yeah, this is about how I feel at the moment just wondering, just waiting, just hoping for God to move greater in my own personal life.


 2012/4/29 14:46Profile

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