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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Why is Christ given a 1000 year Kingdom amongst men?

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 Why is Christ given a 1000 year Kingdom amongst men?

All things have been given unto the Lord. All power in heaven and on earth and under the earth are given to the Son of Man.

All things were created by Him; because of Him, and nothing that is, belongs to another. By His hands were the stars flung into their place, even the compass of the earth is his measure. He alone was able to take back the keys of Death and Hell, and He alone has authority over these things.

He is from the beginning, with the Father and the Spirit and He knows all things. No Knowledge is beyond Him and none can hide from His gaze. When He speaks the mountains tremble and all flesh becomes faint hearted. In Him there is no darkness at all. When we see Him we become light even as He is light. When we touch Him we are restored. Who is the Lord who endures forever. Death could not hold him, even Sheol. He empties the great store houses of Judgement, yet His mercy triumphs over them.

Though He is True God, He emptied Himself and for a little while He came amongst us. His name is Holy, Righteous and Good. And there is none beside Him. His name is Jesus, because He saves His people from sin and death. He is the beginning and the end. No measure can be measured against Him all things are His.

He rolls up the universe, even the heavens and the earth, as a scroll. He has written the names of those who go after Him, in His book. By His Spirit He sustains us and by His name we are kept. His name is The Lord. Who can know these things except that He reveals Himself. Unto which place would you travel to find Him? He dwells in unapproachable darkness, yet He has made a way for us, even His own body crucified for our sins.

His kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom. No man can dwell therein without His life abiding in him. Though men seek to take his kingdom by violence, their efforts are as chaff before the wind and their labour is as rags. He is our righteousness before God, even our garment of holiness. With these things is the Father pleased. Thus He has been given to dwell amongst men. At the coming of His Kingdom He will be known, and every tongue will confess Him as Lord. Every knee will bow before Him and rise unto their appointed place.

He is worthy. Now that we know Him also, even as He has known us, let us seek His coming Kingdom and falter not by the delusions and vanities which are in the world. Amen.


 2012/4/28 23:40

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 Re: Why is Christ given a 1000 year Kingdom amongst men?

Q. Why is Christ given a 1000 year Kingdom amongst men?
A. The same reason we're told 'the cattle upon a thousand hills' are His.

Psalm 50:10 For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.

Whose cattle are those upon the rest of the hills?

Thanks for your thoughts in this post Andrew.

Y yo he hallado más amarga que la muerte la mujer, la cual es redes, y lazos su corazón; sus manos como ligaduras. El que agrada á Dios escapará de ella; mas el pecador será preso en ella. He aquí, esto he hallado, dice el Predicador, pesando las cosas una por una para hallar la razón; Lo que aun busca mi alma, y no encuentro: un hombre entre mil he hallado; mas mujer de todas éstas nunca hallé.

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