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Joined: 2011/8/14
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 Re: 'THIS' Gospel of the Kingdom......

Bearmaster and Rbanks,.

Thank you both reading / responding,..I appreciate you everyone.

Adding more on THIS gospel of the Kingdom of God,...of WHO ? ? ?
Of God ! .....God / Spirit WORD,..He who Speaketh, and it is done,...
Voice,...Breath of God,...Lord over the whole Heaven / Earth,.. KING ! !
This SAME,that was in our Precious Jesus ! Our KING ! .....Who was hated when He preached 'THIS gospel of the kingdom' His Words,/ WAY which He wanted all men to hear, ..brought an offense.

But what does the King over His Kingdom require ?

It is same as Paul West has been saying about ' MORTIFICATION '
It requires a death,to our will, in order for the Kings will to be done,...
A dieing to self, and a life, to Him.,...'he that keepeth not his life',...He offers us LIFE,..But will we CHOOSE our will,..which is death.

May He bless us all with more of His Grace,

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Joined: 2011/8/14
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Thank you Jim and Christian,

for mentioning this book by David Bercot,I have ordered it and it should be here any day now.I look forward to reading it.

I read once that Evan Roberts preached a lot about 'the kingdom of God', but I have not been able to find anything that he has wrote, and do not know a lot about him.

Jesus taught me about the kingdom at His Mary,she was learning at the feet of Jesus......Jesus said then,'that no man could take His teachings, away from her.'

At the time,..I said,'Why the Kingdom of God ?
But now I know,that is the GREATEST thing He could have ever taught me.
It ties so much together.

In much love for you all,

 2012/5/6 15:29Profile


"for mentioning this book by David Bercot,I have ordered it and it should be here any day now.I look forward to reading it."

Remember to test all things in it against the word of God. I know Bercot can drfit kind of far in one direction to counter balance error in the other in some instances.

in Christ -Jim

 2012/5/6 17:11

Joined: 2011/8/14
Posts: 1089


Much thanks Jim,

We always need these reminders.

Thank you for being faithful to do that.

I appreciate the admonition.


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Joined: 2011/8/14
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 Re: 'THIS' Gospel of the Kingdom......

The subject of :

' The Kingdom of God'

If this subject was forefront to John the Baptist,..then the forefront
to Jesus, and then on to His Diciples / Apposels,..should it not be
Utmost for us to see what is really being said / understood about
This gospel of Kingdom of God being preached,...that MUST be preached
through the whole world,...'and then shall the END come'.

I really believe sermon index will be used in helping with this very thing.

There are many gospels being preached, but Jesus precisely said
'THIS'....Gospel of the Kingdom of God '

As we study His so important and precious Word together,
In His love,

 2012/5/20 23:17Profile

Joined: 2011/8/14
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 Re: Some deep thinkings on the Kingdom of God

In Jn.3:3,Jesus says,' Verily,verily, I say unto thee,Except a man be born
again,he cannot 'SEE' the kingdom of God' .

Then in verse 5,He says, ' Verily,verily,I say unto thee,Except a man be
born of 'WATER' *AND* OF THE SPIRIT,he cannot 'ENTER' the kingdom of God.'

Is there a difference in just being able to SEE the kingdom of God,
......*AND* ' ENTER' therein ?

Is this at the STRAIT GATE (Mt.7:13),where Jesus says,'Enter in at the strait gate,...and verse 14, Because narrow is the gate,and hard is the way,
which leadeth unto >>>>> Life,....

Is it being washed in the WATER of the Word, and leaving our flesh ...old nature outside the gate ?

Is this where Life is ,....inside of the kingdom ? ...where the King rules,..
or in Lord over us ?...where He offers us Life ..?
( to be carnally minded is death, be Spiritualy minded is Life and
peace )

Some thought provoking thoughts,
All because of Him,

 2012/5/23 0:02Profile

Joined: 2011/10/27
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Thank you for this thread, Elizabeth. It has quickened something in my Spirit, a greater desire for the Lord and the things of the Lord. God bless you! Please keep sharing your insights.


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Joined: 2011/8/14
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I really appreciate you for responding.

The Lord bless you mightily with Himself.

As the Lord permits, I hope to continue with this subject, that I believe ,is dear to our Lord' heart.

I could SURE use the prayers of the dear Saints.

Always and forever,


 2012/5/23 21:55Profile

Joined: 2012/5/27
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 "The Kingdom of God is ...."

Hi! Elizabeth
It was a remarkable thing for me to read your statement saying : "The Kingdom of God is the Resurrected Lord IN us!".
I too would not have expressed it as such; a signature of my poor vocabulary no doubt. The statement contains such exciting and fathomless depth to it.
It is precisely the "Gospel of the Kingdom" which is the gospel OF Jesus and not merely about Jesus. It's not for nothing that it says that it is the 'Gospel of the Kingdom' which will be preached throughout the whole world before the end is nigh.
The problem I have discovered is that the term itself has become widely misused and abused by some emerging cults. They have unwittingly attached some bizarre and untenable ideas to it. So, one has to be especially cautious when, say, following Google results of the term.
Thankfully, there are very reputable studies available Online concerning the 'Gospel of the Kingdom'. I myself have been studying this vein of Scripture for at least 30 years now and there is alot more literature and multimedia available in these days than even five years previously.
May the Lord continue to abundantly reveal Himself and His Gospel to you.

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Joined: 2005/11/2
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 Re: "The Kingdom of God is ...."

Amen Elizabeth;

Colossians 1:11-13 Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness; Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light: Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

He is our Glory, He is our Kingdom, He is our all in all.

Being translated into not just the Kingdom but into His very life that is birthed in us.

This wonderful mystery of Christ in us and His Kingdom which we are now by faith already seated with Christ in the heavenlies.

Colossians 1:25-29 Whereof I am made a minister, according to the dispensation of God which is given to me for you, to fulfil the word of God; Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints: To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory: Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus: Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily.

He truly is our perfection and Glory.

How refreshing to hear the loving truth by the Spirit in you Elizabeth.

In Christ: Phillip


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