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Sulphur Springs, Texas


It's good to hear that your friend has become interested in the things of Christ. =) But for the Eastern Orthodox Church, I must say that my personal experiences with them have been nothing more than beneficial. Yes, I understand that the great majority of members on this board would disagree with me on this, but Orthodoxy has definitely been a springboard to greater devotion in my own walk with Christ.

Now, I'm not an Eastern Orthodox Christian, but I do lean heavily that way.

But as a quick rundown of what you can expect from the Eastern Church:
They believe in a literal view of Communion (the bread and wine are actually the body and blood of Christ), they believe that "new birth" happens at baptism, they baptize infants, they actually share Communion with infants too, they believe that icons of Christ, Mary, and the saints are in some spiritual way connected to the ones they represent and are therefore appropriate to hang up in the church and in one's home, they believe that Mary is the mother of all Christians and that she is ever-virgin, they pray to the saints, they believe that Tradition is our ultimate authority (which, for them, means that Bible is first above all else, but then comes the Creeds, the Canons of the Church, the Liturgy, and so on), and they believe that God's wrath was not poured out on Jesus on the cross (rather, they believe in a Cristus Victor [the cross is Jesus victorious over the demons] and a Recapitulation [Christ became like man that man might become like Christ] view of the cross, and sometimes they'll refer to a ransom being paid to Satan rather than to God).

Like I said before, the Eastern Church is absolutely foreign to most people on this board and might just crucify me for being an Anglo-Orthodox. ;)

But I do hope you and your friend can keep up regular discussions of Christ. =) And that it will benefit the both of you greatly.

In Christ,

Maximino Cosme II

 2012/5/4 4:43Profile


I would run for my life from it as fast as the RCC.

in Him - Jim

 2012/5/4 9:05

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