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 Seeking Little For Yourself And Much For God by Greg Gordon

"Should you then seek great things for yourself? Seek them not." (Jeremiah 45:5)

It is amazing how in Christian life we can become centred on seeking something great. It seems to be built into the fallen Adamic nature the desire for prominence, exaltation and success. Who seeks after failure or the great desire to learn from mistakes and how to help exalt others. God desires so deeply for each one of us to learn of Him to grow in an intimate relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. As Oswald Chambers said: "God wants you to be in a much closer relationship with Himself than simply receiving His gifts."

Modern evangelicalism has majored on what God can do for us, what He can give us if we are obedient, what we can do for Him if we only do x, y and z! Though these things are true and at times work they are not the core and heart of what the Christian life is about. We have a generation of Christians who have been raised to seek great things from God instead of seeking to know this God intimately in a passionate pursuit of His person and life. We need to re-learn the message of the desert fathers who sought God for Himself alone! Such learning of God will not result in big results for men to see but will result in a great peace and fulness in your Christian walk. For Jesus said that eternal life itself is in "knowing God" (John 17:3).

In the passage in Jeremiah 45 God is speaking to faithful Baruch who was recording the words of God given through the prophet Jeremiah to a faltering disobedient Israel. Yet in this faithful service he began to complain of his personal situation, lack of peace, hard circumstances and even persecution. Could we say it plainly that God was not interested in Baruchs comfortability as much as his knowing the God He was serving. Even if this life entails great suffering for God it still can be a life of great glory for Him. When we seek little for ourselves and much for God we are more mindful of the things of God then ourselves. Some great questions to ask ourselves: Are we more jealous for the Testimony of God's Name then our own reputation? Are we more desiring for God's work to be done in the world then our personal comfortability? Are we seeking to know God's heart or just desiring things from Him to help us in the world?

We are nearing the end of the age may we not be found seeking our own but the things of God. May we find ourselves with minds on things above and not centred on the daily grind of this earth and our existence (Colossians 3:1-3). In the work of ministry God calls us to major on little things. One way to stay in victory with the Lord and not become proud and centred on yourself is to glory in the small things God calls you to. Is God calling you to some low service? Something that humbles your flesh and pride? Glory in that, for in that service is the will of the Lord and will bring much glory to Christ. As John the Baptist may we wash the feet of our master and not just that but all others in the world for as John we are not worthy to untie the sandals of our great Lord (John 1:27).

" I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me." (Psalm 131:1) This is a good remedy for all of us that we should have a healthy desire for God's glory in this world but in many ways leave the bigger concern with God. The work of the kingdom of God across the world is something no man can get his head around, it is a divine work, God is in control and though men divide into many groups and sects still God has His body in the earth (Ephesians 1:22-23).

When we fully realize to seek to be a servant is to love the Lord beyond even serving Him then we will be set free in our hearts to truly worship Him no matter our circumstances (Matthew 23:11). May God find a people in these last days that seek little for themselves and much for Him. For with such a humble people God is pleased. May God Himself, His person be our reward, desire and seeking after. May we have fellowship with God daily with this desire and perhaps He will include us in His great plans but then we will exclaim gladly: "Not to us, O Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory." (Psalm 115:1).

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