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 Which side of this debate do you stand on? Speak up now Let it be known!

I asked for testimonies to be shared about conversions to Christ. It got viewed over 100 times. Only one person took the time/desire to share what God did in their life in transferring them from death to life. I know many of the "long time regulars" saw this and just thought nothing of it, not feeling compelled at all to share about the grace poured out on them. I know they viewed it based on "who's online now". Yet, many of these same people would immediately lay out a 10 paragraph discourse to argue a point if I started a new post on something political, a theological doctrine that people disagree on, etc.
Those here who are spiritual and who would consider themselves mature, why do you think that is? What's wrong with this? What do you think it means? God gave me a dream last night about competitiveness, pride, & humility. I think I know what it says. We are not as humble as we ought to be. I must confess, there is part of me that wonders - "if most of the posting crowd is chomping at the bit to "argue their stance" on a number of things, but not "chomping at the bit" to share their testimony about how Christ saved them from their sins, are some still delusional, trapped in their sins (just "religious" ones)?"
"They overcome him by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony, & that we love not our lives unto death". If we spend more time posting our arguments than we do in the presence of Christ, in the Word, & in prayer, our whole discussion becomes flesh is during from the bowels of natural men who know "about" God, but are distancing thrmselves from His Grace more daily. I'm not judging anyway. It was a test/warning/rebuke from the Lord just as much for me than anyone. Lord crush me into the powder of total humility, so that truly I can be used to bear real fruit for your kingdom, not just flesh giving birth to flesh, making me feel good about my religious stances. God forgive and forbid we go on in such manner!!!!

 2012/4/25 10:46

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 Re: Which side of this debate do you stand on? Speak up now Let it be known!

Brother, i saw your thread and did not reply or share, I can not speak for anyone else, but many of the "old timers" have back in the "archives" given their testimony, i suppose it would be beneficial when newer members ask for them to reply again and share how we came to repentance.


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 Re: Which side of this debate do you stand on? Speak up now Let it be known!

Greetings Jeff
You wrote:I asked for testimonies to be shared about conversions to Christ. It got viewed over 100 times. Only one person took the time/desire to share what God did in their life in transferring them from death to life. I know many of the "long time regulars" saw this and just thought nothing of it, not feeling compelled at all to share about the grace poured out on them. I know they viewed it based on "who's online now".


I understand what your saying here but you have included all of us on SI with what you said, and it honestly is just not true. I did see your other thread and thought to reply but then I felt the LORD stop me. I wondered why this might be and after much prayer I realize because my testimony is not fully finished yet. I have posted how I first came to JESUS several times in threads just like or similar to the one you started before and as I thought about posting it again the LORD quickened to my heart, but what about what I showed you two years after that day? what about the things I revealed to you yesterday? So I began to pray and seek what the LORD would have me post in response to your thread. I still can not say I have a full answer but I can say that I am seeking and in prayer about it. I know many here have posted their testimony when they came to JESUS as well as other significant times in their lives that JESUS touched them, but as mentioned there is benefit for knew members of SI perhaps to post them again.

God Bless

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It was not and is not my attempt to assault or judge anyone in this. Just evaluate one statement and answer it:

Is there something wrong (in general) when everyone waits ready to jump in and argue "their stance" on some matter of politics, theological stance on non-essential doctrine, etc., but no one is eager to share their testimony? When a political thread has hundreds of posts, but a call for testimonies gets one response? In general, do you discern something is wrong with our heart/focus/place when that is true? Some posted in LENGTHY FASHION with endless paragraphs to defend our country and involvement in the political process as almost "an ordinance of scripture", but those same "posters" look at the call for sharing testimonies of conversion, & aren't drawn from within to type a single word to give God Glory for exactly what He did in their life to save them from hell? This is not a judgemental litmus test, so no one get defensive. Consider this a rhetorical question & meditate on what this means relative to our hearts, our witness, our focus, our pride and competitive fleshly nature of spiritual immaturity, etc. This isn't aimed at any ONE person. This is food for thought for ALL of US

 2012/4/25 11:31

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Greetings Jeff
I realize you said that this was not aimed at any one person but I felt the need to come back and share that
I truly did not mean to come across as defensive in my post to you. I am sorry if it seemed so, please forgive me. I was merely attempting to explain my own thought and heart as to why I did not post my testimony yet again in your new thread. I do see that it might have been helpful if I had just simply shared what was on my heart in the other thread. Lesson learned.

As to what you say in this thread I understand and it is a good reminder to check and be sure that our hearts are in the right place when we post. Thank you.

God Bless

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MaryJane. No worries at all sister. I can tell by your response, humility, & gentleness that you are not the one in need of really hearing/heeding this warning to examine our motives and check our pride/humility. I know the Lord showed me this for me personally & for several others here on the site who haven't responded, but I pray the Lord uses it to work on their heart/mind to examine their motives/actions. Your kind spirit is clear & may the Lord do as He always does for your humility: "exalt you in due time". God Bless

 2012/4/25 12:37

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hi, i grew up on the east coast of the us and never heard the gospel or met a christian for 24 years. imocked Christand was tormented by demons daily to the point where i was always in trouble with the police even though my grandfather was the ex mayor of the city and my father was a police man.because of this my wife left me and moved to new orleans. she forgave me and i moved to be with my family. iwent to work at sears next to the baptist seminary where i was witnessed to every day for a year. after a year i went to bourbon street to see if bob harrington;aka the chaplain of bourbon street was for real or not and he led me to Jesus. i have not had demonic battles in my life since then and have not had the flu or a cold or a headache either. a year later in the same room i got saved in ,i was praying and asking God for help with my sanctification process and telling God i was not a good christian and needed help, i was baptized in the Holy Spirit without ever being in a pentacostal church. that was 48 years ago and i have been serving the Lord in my heart since.jimp

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Jeff... your numbers may be a little skewed. You did not take into account that there are thousands of people world-wide who come to this website and view the forum but never join, and therefore never contribute to the conversation... but the website still counts their views.

So a controversial topic gets many many views, and thats a very natural thing, but I would not be too quick to judge the members here on that. I am sure more members will view a controversial topic, but the fact is that many of those views are not from members.

You cant really get a good feel for how many members are actually view one thread over another because of that.

As for me, I agree with the others... I dont have time to repeat myself.


 2012/4/25 15:16


Praise God! I did a Marti Gras Mission Evangelism trip once and think I might have met that Bob guy. Anyways, I was born to a broken-hearted alcoholic rebel father in his 40's. He was other worldly intelligent and handsome, but his life was a tragedy cause he didn't have Christ. He married a beautiful young hippy-chick (she was like 18, he was like 45?). When the aorta valve to his heart exploded the morning after his birthday (& an all night drinking binge), she was left to deal with it all. On drugs, lost, young, & lost. She too was extremely bright, but wasted her youth on Hippi concerts, Acid trips, and hit hiking across the US. She was so naturally intelligent that she later went into the military, and wrote some secret code the CIA/Secret Service use today, if I understand it right.
So, she was too busy doing drugs and partying to take care of me, a baby. She left me with baby-sitters and didn't come back for days. Actually, not at all. My aunt came and got me and took care of me. I was adopted at age 2 or 3. At 3, at Casa View Baptist Church Mothers Day Out, a lady led those of us interested (me) in a prayer time to call upon the Lord. I totally forgot till I was born again at 23 of the experience, but I saw Christ on a throne point at me and say "you are mine". At 5-6 I found my brothers' porn mag collection and was totally confused, attacked, and oppressed through much of my childhood. I listened to their satanic ally themed music of the 70's and early 80's. I dealt with lots of abandonment issues a child because my real mother didn't want me.
As a child, I naturally had a high academic aptitude and did extremely well at all things scholastic pretty much without trying. I nearly aced achievement tests in minutes as a show of my own intellectual pride before most were off the first page or two. I believed in God, I wanted to be good, but I just always found myself drawn to things evil - sexual lust, rock music (became a very talented drummer), alcohol & drugs, etc.
I knew I was smarter than most of my teachers, so I played games with their tests and assignments & would openly debate them if they were wrong to make them look foolish in front of the class. I had a major problem with authority. My adopted dad had a MAJOR problem with anger so I was whipped pretty bad, but never hugged, told I was loved, or explained about Gods purpose in discipline afterwards (he didn't know God, how could he teach me). I was so hard to deal with at times, my mom took me to the #1 Christian Psychologist in the country (wrote books with Moody Group is what I was told). He tested me and counseled me repeatedly and told my mom my intellect was better than 99% of the general population, but my motor skills were average. That difference caused behavioral issues, he said (Christian/worldly quasi-phsychology missed the real issue). This just made me more proud of my "super-intellect". People always told me how smart I was, & unfortunately, I drank the Kool-Aid & suffered for it in my foolishness!!).
I drank alcohol by the gallon, had sex, & fought anyone who wanted to fight from 14-18. Then, in college, I wanted to "chill out" & grow-up, so I stopped drinking so much. Then I tried ecstasy!!! All that mattered from then on was getting as high as possible all the time. When"EX" wasn't available, I started to use cocaine, meth, etc. Then, I discovered Heroin! See, I wasn't the kid on the street corner you thought would end up in tons of trouble. I was a relatively good looking kid, smart, funny who's who among American High School students, Wittiest, Most Masculine, Most Attractive, lettered in 5 sports, etc. how did I end up addicted to heroin?
So, that only goes on so long or you die right-Heroin use! So, I left university, went home, and went through heroin withdraws. Wow-they're really bad. I prayed for God to help me, got out my Bible and read the only chapter I knew - 1 Corinthians 13. I came out alive by God's grace. I had already had a gun stuck to my head and the trigger pulled (God jammed that bullet in the chamber!! I had already been in multiple car crashes that should have killed me. I had already done enough cocaine and heroin in one sitting to kill anyone and lived!!
I was always muscular, so when people starting saying how skinny I looked (175 for me looks skinny as I'm normally around 200+ in shape, working out). So, I hooked up with a buddy who partied, but did steroids and worked out and looked great! So, I headed out down another road. The Lord even warned me in my heart back then. My heart said "I don't do hard drugs anymore, get drunk, beat people up, or any of that stuff anymore. I'm doing good. I just want to keep doing steroids, enjoying pornography, & I'll get an education and do good in life. That's OK right?"
So, the Lord allowed me to go down that road full bore for several years. Before you know it, I was a MONSTER!! As much as 245 lbs, using drugs of all kinds daily (GHB, Meth, Rohyphnols,, Valuim, Nubain, and sometimes cocaine/heroin, etc.). I carried guns, moved shipments of drugs, beat people bloody for $, moved stolen ATV's in volume, etc., etc. I was ruled by demonic forces daily!! I fought and won a "Toughman" contest (SAE Fight nights in Denton, TX) and I hadn't slept in 3 days!! I should have had a heart attack and died. I OD'd and ended up in the hospital on support, monitors, drinking drug absorbing "asphalt" multiple times! If someone looked at me wrong in a bar, I tried to kill them with my bare hands. I beat one guy up do bad I had to go to court and defend attempted murder/aggravated assault charges in a self defense trial.
I was already on probation for many things including possession of LSD. I knew I was being watched by the police but couldn't stop. I was in total bondage. The Lord began reaching into those places (doing drugs with friends!!) & calling out to me!! It was so wild how he Soveriegnly orchestrated it all when I was in THAT PLACE I WAS IN!!
One day, I was about to smoke some meth in my apartment kitchen by myself. I just broke down crying and weeping and said "God, if you're real, I don't want to do this anymore, but I can't stop, please help me!!" I felt the room change!! It was a taste of the peace of God and a ray of hope!! It didn't last, it vanished when I decided I had to smoke that meth want to or not.
About two hours later, 5 Agencies came knocking on my door!! Dallas Sheriffs Dept, North Texas Drug Task Force of DEA, Rockwall detectives authorities, Rowlett Detectives Authorities, & Mesquite PD! That's not all, you see, I used to love showing off my kicks. I had gotten messed up and kicked the door and hinges off a couple weeks before. When they said "Open up, ,,,,,,,," & hit the door with the battering ram, it NORMALLY would have knocked it open, swing on hinges. Since I had stuff piled in front of it, it just pushed the door/pile forward inch by inch. Thank God, see I was so messed up that at that sound, I pointed my Ruger P-90 .45 Caliber with laser sight engaged at the sight window mocking them. Normally, door flies open, police shoot me in the head, coroner arrangements. God had a plan you see for me. I finally realized what happened, threw my gun down and dove on my wife. See we had been together since she was 14, but only married 6 months when this happened, and oh yeah-she never did drugs nor hardly ever took a drink at all!!
So, in the parking lot, cops are ready for a "tough guy" who wants to fight. My reputation is well known in those parts by then. I saw my wife, totally innocent, get cuffed and thrown in a car for my sins. The Lord used that to break me (& understand what he did for me). I wept like a little baby, broken under the weight of my sins. See, after they locked me up (again, I was one of the most popular kids for 3 counties as kid - the jailors and leutunants were all friends of mine growing up) I was coming down off of tons of drugs every day used for years, sleep deprived, etc. & I thought I heard my wife screaming for me that they were raping her (back then, in Rockwall County Jail, men's/women's cells were across hall from one another).
I flipped out and went nuts (I was being demonically oppressed and tormented hearing it all to the sound of Korn songs in my head)! Since they all knew me personally, They let me out to talk to me and calm me down. I got on the phone, called my mother, told her I was in jail, arrested for drugs, & jailors raped my wife!! Imagine getting that call!! They let me see my wife and she told me she loved me but the drugs (& demons, now I know) had made me imagine it all! I went back to my cell and wept like a little baby for 2 days straight (keep in mind, I'm like 225 lbs with like 20 inch biceps).
A man started talking to me about Christ and the Bible. I'm not sure it wasn't an angel God sent to me. I don't know-God knows and I'll find out one day in Heaven. I began reading the Word of God for myself. No preacher. No church service. Just me, God, & His Word. I realized (as I started in the OT) this God was MUCH more serious about sin and unrighteousness than any I knew about (I went to a private Christian school kid in 2,3,4th grade and attended church many times from Baptist, Methodist, Charidmaic, etc - usually where the prettiest girls went) & I knew nothing of this God. Then I read Proverbs. Oh Lord, as smart as I think I am, I know nothing at all but foolishness and vanity!!
I was facing up to 20 years in prison for Organized Crime under the R.I.C.O. Act originally for the Mob. Then, one day, reading scripture, fasting, & praying - I cried out in my solitary cell -"O God, my life isn't worth $.25, but if uou'll take it, I surrender and give it to you for the rest of my life regardless the cost". At that moment, it seemed like my cell lit up, my heart was flooded with peace and joy I had never known, and I was born again from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of God!! Adopted again, this time a son of the Most High God who ransomed His own Som for me, a wretched, pitiful, proud, delusional sinner!!
So much more I could say! I did 21 months in Texas prisons, preached to many there! I had my life threatened in there by the Aryan Brotherhood (cause I'm white, but not prejudice). I graduated with a Bachelors in Biblical Studies & spent years unlearning the mixture I learned there and going back to what the Lord taught me alone in His Word in Prison Cells! I've been blessed to travel to Myanmar with David Servant to serve orphans, had Andrew Strom and his family come and stay in my home as he preached in my area, have wonderful fellowship with the Scott's now ("PreachingJesusChrist.Com"), etc. I'm still married to the same beautiful woman for 14 years now and we have 5 children! I've been blessed with success in sales and management everywhere I've went, though I'm an ex-felon!!
Let me say this and I'm done: I had fallen back asleep spiritually a few years ago, gotten comfortable with worldliness and temporal things, & the Lord woke me up! He revived me (some of if through the preaching of men like Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, Art Katz and others) & then sent me out to preach it to the "churches", the streets, etc. He spoke to me in prison shortly after salvation He would do this & I just couldn't believe it at the time. "Lord, I'm an ex-criminal, why are "church-folk" and people who been pastoring all their life gonna listen to me to "WAKE UP AMERICA, JUDGEMENT IS AT THE DOOR!"? He showed me because it's His heart, His calling, His Grace, His Power, His Work always - ITS NOT ABOUT US!
A couple years ago now, the Lord had us "sell all we had & get ready for what's coming in the days ahead". Prepare your spiritual houses now folks for eternity is just around the corner for all of us and NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER AT ALL in light of that! Don't sit on here arguing all day. Turn to the Lord. Seek Him while He may be found. If you are rebuked on here (or anywhere), don't get defensive in your pride and try to outsmart that argument with your witful comeback. Pray. Ask the Lord, "Is this from your throne to me Lord? Is there something I am missing along the way?" search the scriptures, pray in the Holy Ghost, & seek Him with all your heart, mind, soul, & strength! He is worthy and He's coming back to exact revenge on His enemies & take His Bride without spot, wrinkle, or Blemish!! I still have much preparation like Ester before that happens, but no time to waste. How bout you? Redeem the time saints before time disappears!

 2012/4/25 15:17


Well... praise God. When He decides to save a man or woman He does so to the utter-most.

I'll go ahead and share my testimony, as long as we're all sharing.

I was lost, but He found me. I was blind, and He gave me sight. I was thirsty and He gave me living water.


 2012/4/25 15:43

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