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"Quite obviously God does NOT meet all our needs"

This thread started out with a lie straight from the pits of hell and has only gone down hill from there. Is it not written:

Luke 11:8 I tell you, though he will not get up and give him anything because he is his friend, yet because of his impudence he will rise and give him whatever he needs. And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.

Phillipans 4:19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.

 2012/4/27 16:33


" IF this must be done, the Christian cannot be above the duty because he thinks he will get his hands dirty. His hands are already dirty when he participates in the freedoms purchased by the blood of another. Because you don't fire the gun it doesn't make you any less culpable in war if you live off the spoils.

This is a devils lie from hell oldJoe. True beleivers freedom is purchased by the blood of Bible Jesus, not the soliders of american jesus. So thankful Bible Jesus saved me from idolatry and devotion to american jesus. -Jim

 2012/4/27 16:44


If I have any freedom, it's because God Soveriegnly elected to grant it to me (&/or any country). If its removed, then God decided to remove it for His reasons. Israel forgot that repeatedly and suffered greatly for it over and over. We are doing the same now in America and approaching the same type day of reckoning under God's Soveriegnty. America didn't/doesn't grant me my freedom. God has! Even the Declaration of Independence states that!!!
"God raises up one nation & puts down another". The "PROUD (show me where the word pride/proud is used 1 time in all scripture in a positive context) to be an American" crowd of "American Patriotic Nationalists" has forgotten. I'm thankful to be wherever the Lord has me for His purposes. God moved me out of Texas (where everyone is very proud to be a Texan), and he can move me to another country tomorrow if He wants to, for His plan/purposes if He wants to!
He has made it clear I'm not going anywhere from where I am now to carry out His will for my life. See, I'm not a citizen of this world anyway, nor are any of us called to be - were called to be "citizens of another world", "sojourners in a strange land just passing through". You wanta give your life for a "just war" cause? Be spiritual then in your understanding & go suffer and preach in an unreached restricted nation. If it cost you your life as a martyr (at the hands of unbelievers, not believers you were trying to kill), so be it. Now you REALLY died for what God would consider a "just war". That's what matters to me, not how some Catholic priests/bishops define "just war". Those guys burnt William Tyndale at the stake for trying to give people Gods Word for themselves!!! Who made them the experts?!?!?

 2012/4/27 16:45

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QUOTE: "And I thought this was interesting that some soldiers were excluded from participation in the Lord's Supper until they had confessed of their sin of shedding blood."==PILGRIM777

That sounds very Catholic. Catholics are all about confession. What is the use of confessing something if you are only gonna go do it again anyway?

A lot of writers, so-called scholars, and media like to call Catholics "Christians". It's just not so.

QUOTE: "So, we will begin with the history of the church. There have always been two sides and it is an interesting study. In the end, a believer has to come to his own conviction and I understand this. But, there is nothing wrong with sharing what you believe as you see it from scriptures. I look forward to seeing what your view from the scriptures is. I hope it is a peaceful and reasonable discussion that causes both sides to reflect."==PILGRIM777

Yes, i want to make it clear that i feel no animosity towards you or the other posters who disagree with me about whether people should go to war or not. Sometimes issues are so hard we just have to agree to disagree. This is just a discussion, and you are where you are at and i am where i am at; Neither of us is better than the other, we just are at where we are at. Either one of us may be wrong. We may even both be right to some extent. But i feel no malice or disdain towards you for your views.

 2012/4/27 21:34Profile

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Maybe you could all agree to disagree and quit conversing in unprofitable conversation.

Blessings to all...from brother rbanks

 2012/4/27 21:46Profile

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northern USA


QUOTE: "No work that needs to be done either to preserve or restore civil order is beneath the Christian. Up to and including the administration of the death penalty. Normally objectors to war are in opposition to the death penalty as well, so our difference will actually lie in that area.....
BTW if in war I shot another believer and he shot me at the same time, we would meet shortly thereafter and rejoice that each were delivered from this place to the next."==OLDJOE

Yes, this is the way i view it too. I mean, if war (basically law enforcement on the national level when you really be honest about it, like in the fight against terrorists right now) is wrong then all law enforcement which involves any kind of shooting of a criminal at the state or local level is wrong then too. God gave the government the right to wield the sword and says so right in his Word...the NT.

As for killing another Christian, well good luck finding one! They are so rare that it is highly unlikely. But in the rare case that may occur---such as maybe it occurred during the American Civil War---yes it is very sad but we all must die sometime, someway and God is the one who decides the how and when. I know a Christian family who basically "killed" their own daughter by refusing to take her to the doctor because they believed that the prayer of faith in God's healing would save her. Does that mean we should cease all prayer as well?

 2012/4/27 21:53Profile

 Re: Sinning to Meet Needs

Short and simple by Brother Hulsey:


These are not needs. There is a world of difference between need and desire. Everything you've listed is desire and James addresses this when he wrote that we are lead away by our desires."

I believe that you're a female, Trekker - correct me if I'm mistaken, but I couldn't have answered any better and as concisely as Brother Hulsey has here.


 2012/4/28 12:50

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 Re: Sinning to Meet Needs

God meeting our needs is also a matter of timing. We are usually not willing to wait.

His grace is able to get us through the hardships he allows to shape us into His image.

He is after an eternal product and is willing to allow temporary suffering to get it, but we have Him...can we say that He is not enough?

It is never true that one person's sin has no effect on another. If I hurt my finger my whole body will be effected because of the pain as well as the lack of production caused by it. In the same way when a brother sins that darkness and Satanic activity, that blown out candle and absence of prayer and witness will impact everyone in their life....(even decades later because of the scars left on the soul.)

In your examples: I know what it is like to be alone for years. The God given way to meet the physical needs of touch is the family of God..There are plenty of clean and godly hugs and appropriate touches to fulfill those needs. It is a travesty to think fornication is okay.

We should take God at His word and trust in a radical way that Matthew 6 is reliable. Don't steal. He will provide. At the end of testing of faith you will have what is needed, even if its something like locust and honey.

I know a woman who when her spinal problem flares up stays in bed for weeks in such intense pain it can pnly be tolerated because of the presence of God. That is how she tolerates the pain. She loves Him and will not hurt Him by turning to sin to help herself. She also trusts Him and runs to His bosom in her agony.

We should rather die trusting Him than hurt with our sin and lack of trust the One who was crushed for us.

Randy Lambert

 2012/4/29 0:32Profile

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