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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Food Stamp Usage Jumps 70 Percent; Highest It's Ever Been

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ps - the number of christians who go on welfare, use unemployment, are not men and dont work whatever it takes to provide for their families and have enough to give others in true need is pathetic.

Wow... this is a hurtful statement. It's beyond judgemental.

You do realize that unemployment is "insurance" that you pay into, right? It's not a hand out. I drew 3 unemployment checks this year. We're not on welfare, but we have had to use food stamps part of the year this year. We have 4 kids. And I have been "under-employed" now for a year... and working my butt off for half what I used to make... and my wife started an online business so we could survive and works her butt until almost 3:30am every night.

You think I enjoy that? I dont! You think I'm lazy? Ha... I work twice as hard for half the pay now. Thats life in western North Carolina these days for most people.

Without health insurance anymore I have to pay out of pocket for my meds. Ricky Earl... take a guess what my insulin cost EACH MONTH. $1,700. Guess who has had to go to charities for help to pay for it so I can LIVE? Me.

I suppose your answer to that would be stop taking insulin and just trust the Lord to heal me, right?

You really dont want to go there with me, Ricky Bobby... or whatever your name is. That was just a totally ignorant and stupid thing to say. You would do well to keep your thoughts to yourself.


 2012/4/25 13:31


Trekker, Brother Greg started this thread and you're judging him when some of the threads that you and others have started could be just as well questioned.

Conscrateme - people read what they want to into our replies and that's what you've obviously done and it appears that what you picked from my reply and what I had to post as replies to you made a few others head in that direction as well - claiming that illegal immigrants is my biggest beef. I've posted more on these forums about the economy and on another political thread yesterday as well.

The only problem is people that see/read what they WANT to read into our posts for their own reasons.

The Christians should have been feeding and caring for people all along and starting Volunteer Help groups, etc. and the churches that I know DO - but they also have the BRAINS to know that there are many that abuse the system and rob the truly needy. Women that get pregnant in order to get the benefits and that has gone on since these "entitlements" first began. Their boyfriends/the fathers of these children, show up the day the money, etc comes in. Meanwhile - Thanks to The Big International Bankers that are breaking the backs of the Seniors that made this country as properous as it was, these that paid their way all of their lives, are now worrying that they may be euthanized or won't be able to or can't pay for their prescriptions and I can go on all day about 'who' is responsible for the mess we're in, but goodness gracious - I just happened to briefly mention those that are here illegally.

People read into our posts what they desire to - for their own personal reasons.

 2012/4/25 17:45


Yes Lisa, I do research and read this article on the News Forum yesterday ...

If you want me to extend my original post - as it appears the bulk of it wasn't absorbed or read - I will tell you again, that all that is happening to US is "by design" to turn us into a welfare state so that the people will become dependent on a Socialist-Fascist Government called the nwo and the EBT card from J.C. Morgan, a family name that was known to Hitler [if you read my first post to this thread].
Who goes to these Economic Summits in Davos, besides Rick Warren and Brian McLaren? All the big names in the Corporate world like, Bill Gates and other big Corporation heads, besides some of our own country's leaders. Yes, talk about Babylon - some of the Brothers here have got that right. Does anyone else here do any research? As I said, I could go on all day about what's happening to US and Canada and every other country on this planet and 'who's' causing it and WHY and tried in my first post to just lay out a tiny bit of it, but the main part was neglected by a few to focus on my mention of illegal aliens, which is also by design to break the back of the good ol' usa but very far from the main source of what is destroying this country.
I'm all for immigrants. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my immigrant Grandparents, but my Grandmother warned me prophetically what would become of this country, since she was a Russian Jew that had to flee from Russia and I'm watching what she said come true and here we are in our last however many days of freedom to post, tearing the stuffings out of one another.
About helping or feeding the needy and elderly - it only takes ONE person to start a Volunteer Help Org in their OWN TOWN and I could tell anyone that wants to know how, how to, as I did.

I want to say Shalom - but I just don't see it coming.

GOD Bless!

 2012/4/25 18:14


notlongnow said it best:

"Also thou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.
Exodus 23:9

It seems when hard times hit, people who have put their trust in earthly savings and insurances, need someone to blame. Predictibly they then turn to point the finger at 'illegal aliens' or another favourite; single mothers. It truly is wrong to scapegoat the most vunerable people in society. They are an easy target aren't they.

It's time to face facts and accept America is under judgement for it's sins. It is reaping what it has sown.

 2012/4/25 19:07


onesetfree said:

Are you a prophet to speak this over someone?


An equally valid question is if you are a prophet to question brother Neil in such a snark attitude?

"And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."

 2012/4/25 19:13


Someone like Krispy is deserving of his unemployment and food stamps and there are very many in his same predictament, which started mainly in 07/08 but also, as I mentioned in that thread on the election, there are a multitude of reasons why we have such a very high rate of unemployment and the numbers that you hear from the MSM are not the true numbers, but only those who are on or have just applied for unemployment - it doesn't count those who's unemployment has run out, nor those young kids that haven't been able to find work since graduating HS or College and haven't earned into the system yet, etc..
The book that I'm reading now on "homelessness" is more heartbreaking than I can describe here - but it doesn't bother folks until it happens to them, normally.

Now I have a question -

"And the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets."

If there were a man-prophet, or more than one in my Church back home, I'm sure our pastor and elders would know who they were and could openly acknowledge him or them in their office.
Could any of the 5 moderators tell us who the prophet[s] are on SI? I'm certain I'm not the only one that's curious about this.

 2012/4/25 20:44


"If there were a man-prophet, or more than one in my Church back home, I'm sure our pastor and elders would know who they were and could openly acknowledge him or them in their office

Act 11:27 Now in these days prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. And one of them named Agabus stood up and foretold by the Spirit that there would be a great famine over all the world (this took place in the days of Claudius).

BTW - 'office' is so KJV

In Christ -Jim

 2012/4/25 20:54



"If there were a man-prophet, or more than one in my Church back home, I'm sure our pastor and elders would know who they were and could openly acknowledge him or them in their office.
Could any of the 5 moderators tell us who the prophet[s] are on SI? I'm certain I'm not the only one that's curious about this."

That was in direct reference to what someone said asking if neil was a prophet (with the implication he was not). I was showing that their asking that was just as open to scrutiny as neils statement. Just as someone can teach even if that is not their main gifting, someone can surely prophesy like David Wilkerson without it being their main calling.

 2012/4/25 21:02

Joined: 2011/11/13
Posts: 66


The words I used were not flippantly spoken, let me just say that.

I am not going to say anything else. I do not want to embarass anybody or hurt anyone.

 2012/4/26 0:58Profile

 i know they weren't "flippantly" spoken

thats why you will eat them. It was the outpouting of your heart.


that brother, that sister, over there?...broken, hurting, scared?...."pathetic"?

that's YOUR heart speaking, not the Heart of Jesus, read what Messiah had to say in Isaiah 58, and please tell me where the word "pathetic" is used in the dark context you did?

But please, dont think i'm singling YOU out, oh no, many many will eat rash words who have despised their own flesh, will indeed be eating human flesh, thats how bad it will get...the words you wrote are but a snapshot of the truth that many hearts have grown cold, and worse.

so speak! Grace be upon you, you repent...but speak, you wont embarrass me, or hurt me, maybe yourself, but you wont hurt the Lord, all you'll do is provide illustration of the seperation of the goats and sheep.

 2012/4/26 2:55

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