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 Felony now to protest in Precense of President.

220 + years of Constitutional law has now been abolished. It is now a felony to protest in the presence of any secret service agent, punishable with up to one year in prison.

This was done almost in secrecy, with both houses of congress in consent. It may have been done in with the idea of very large, say, Muslim crowds that could be shielding homicide bombers; too big to frisk everyone. This applies not only to the President, but congressmen and cabinet members; wherever a secret service agent is present.

How does this affect the Christian, you may ask. We are under assault as a whole. Public Protest is a strong voice, a tool, to trumpet tyranny when it rises; like Roe v Wade. Historically, consider the impact of the Emancipation Christians who protested vehemently before the civil war, and may have brought the war to a head, and laws were changed, the Women's suffrage movement, and the "beer busters" who brought about the Prohibition.

The Church has always been the Salt of the Earth, and when she was salty, she tolerated no compromise. This liberty is now over, fine', at least wherever our elected officials speak where the secret service are. The object here is to slowly, like the lobster in the cold water slowly heated to a boil, numb us unto death; All opposition annihilated.

What they haven't realized, is this is where the true Church prospers the most, and always has. Let us remember, that it is the Lord who gives anti-Christ his authority, not the Devil. God Himself is orchestrating the great Trial that shall consume the entire Earth.

"Do not fear; I am with you always."

 2012/4/23 11:24

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 Re: Felony now to protest in Precense of President.

Yep Tom, that does not affect the true Church since God never gave us any right to protest (even though man's laws did).

The True Church does not feel like it lost anything but those who feel like something was taken away from them will retaliate and in this climate of possible civil war the Church will play an important role and will have the opportunity to be salt, once again. Our role is one of peacemaker and reconciler, not protester.

2Co 5:18 And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation;


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