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 God’s unconditional love

These words are not mine but they are so beautiful. The picture it paints of the love our GOD has for us and flows through us is so encouraging to me as a member of the body of CHRIST :)

God bless

Love of God

“The love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” We need to see the nature of God’s unconditional love! THIS love is the very essence of His relationship to us. And this love should be the very essence of our relationship to Him. It should ALSO be the essence of our relationship to one another!

God’s love first comes to us and causes us to love Him; and in loving Him, we love one another. These three dimensions are the dimensions of the love of God—His love toward us, our love toward Him, and our love toward one another. The nature of our love toward the Lord and toward one another should not be any different from His love toward us. The love that reaches us and is poured out into our hearts by God is the same love that returns back to Him in worship, praise, enjoyment, and intimate fellowship. It is also the SAME love that flows out from us to one another. It looks the same! It is not inferior or secondary! It is altogether one love flowing in three directions—God’s unconditional love coming from God to us, and then going back from us to God, and then horizontally going out to one another.

This is one kind of love, not three different loves. There is not one kind of love that God has for us, another kind of love that we have toward God, and then a third kind of love that we have toward one another. No, the agape love is one love; it is one essence—and it flows in all directions.

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