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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : US Senate Bill 1813 would require “black boxes” in cars

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 US Senate Bill 1813 would require “black boxes” in cars

When an airplane crashes, even if it’s completely destroyed, investigators can still recover the critical black box to determine exactly what happened on board that aircraft. In the Costa Concordia disaster in Europe, the black box will be crucial in the criminal charges being presented against the cruise ship’s head staff. So now, the US Senate wants to make the same kind of technology mandatory in cars, where crashes and accidents are much more commonplace.

The more technical name for a black box is an “event data recorder” (EDR), and some vehicles already have them equipped as part of the standard manufacturing. The bill currently being considered on the floor of the Senate would make them required for all car manufacturers by the year 2015. The point, of course, is to have a perfect record of what was going on in the car, like speed, location, angle, etc, to be able to reverse engineer an accident. Right now, most vehicle incidents rely on a “he said, she said” mentality.

The bill reads, “Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall revise part 563 of title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, to require, beginning with model year 2015, that new passenger motor vehicles sold in the United States be equipped with an event data recorder that meets the requirements under that part.” Of course, the opposition side points to violations of privacy and all that good stuff. But really, wouldn’t the world be a better place if this law were enacted?


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 Re: US Senate Bill 1813 would require “black boxes” in cars

Event data recorder boxes capture information in an accident, also as general driving habits. The data can save lives, but it can also impinge upon privacy.

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 Re: US Senate Bill 1813 would require “black boxes” in cars

saw that last week, what should we expect anyway?

two thoughts, first, maybe the Amish are on to something.

second. i, personally am in the market for either one of two USED vehicles, the Toyota 4 cylinder, 4WD Hilux, or Tacoma...or any 4 cylinder 4wd Japanese pickup truck i can find, baring that, i'm looking for a Willys Jeep, with a mil issue trailer....

drive around whereever you live, i dont know if its like this in Canada, put you notice EVERY new car dealer's lot is crammed with inventory, huge plastic junk trucks for 30k, rows and rows of plastic junk cars....this is where a LOT of the TARP and stimulus money went, production of product where there's no REAL demand, and they call it "capitalism".

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 Re: US Senate Bill 1813 would require “black boxes” in cars

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration initially used an on-board event data recorder (EDR) in 1991 to determine the information surrounding a vehicle crash. Since then, the automotive industry knew it was the wave of the future. Today, an automotive computer captures a fantastic deal of data regarding your driving habits within its crash recorder. This even can save lives by notifying authorities in the event of a crash, through a service like OnStar. Article source:

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What if they had these black boxes in our cars many many years ago to begin with, we'd get used to it, wouldn't we? It would be common knowledge and no one would flinch.

There are no privacy rules when we are out driving on the road, we are all interdependent on everyone including ourselves that we all do what we are supposed to do on the highway. The Black Box is a good idea and should have been implemented a long time ago. Maybe the roads will be a safer place to drive.

They say it's far safer to fly than it is to drive.

The only privacy issue would be if conversations were being recorded.

However if someone is a danger to the road and that black box can record that information, wouldn't it be better to have such person removed and re-educated?

 2012/4/30 10:02

 this is a slippery slope

towards violation of the 4th Amendment. Its unreasonable SEARCH and seizure. these devices, the same as in cellphone's now, can allow the govt to potentially track your every movement.

if you're "fine" with that, i guess all the blood spilled for American Independence was for naught, Valley Forge, Normandy, their blood means nothing.

here's something i saw this morning, and its rather sinister: this was a segment from CNBC Erin Burnett's show, entitled "Biometric ID Cards Replace Cash "

in meekness, i must say the words you wrote, "wouldn't it be better to have such person removed and re-educated?" gave me pause.

"removed and re-educated"...i heard that before.

we are truly in the last days, time table? 24 hours? 24 days? 24 weeks? or 24 years?, only God knows.

 2012/4/30 13:22

 Re: this is a slippery slope

And get ready for the nark.......

 2012/4/30 13:52

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As long as they do not come with auto-ticketing devices, I'm ok with it. :)


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