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verry touching frank ,made me laugh in spirit ,,,,when your mum rang and said that the lord told her you would be heald,.....a great tesamony ,,,can i print it out to show my mother

i had in a way a similar event , not as great as your ,,,,but it reminded of my wifes healing and prophecy the lord gave me ,,,,,,,thanks

lets pray for brother deny kenastin tomorrow on line together ,,, im going to bed now ,imust get up early to pray to our father


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hi, the first person to pour bible into my heart was clark pinnock who was teaching at the nobts at the time.he had gotten his doctorate under ff bruce and was very calvinistic and believed that healings were not for today. he had writen quite a few books and while in new orleans lost vision in one eye from mac.degeneration.and the other eye was failing from the same . while not believing in present day miracles he was healed and had good vision til his death in 2010. he became a pentacostal and believed in open theism instead of calvinism at his death because God proved his theology to be incorrect by healing him.jimp

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Trekker writes...........

"How does a person know when to believe people who say such things?"

Trekker, it was my mother who said it, not some random person. This is the same mother I saw beaten for Christ a 1000 times growing up. The same mother that had her jaw broken for Christ, the same mother , that after the front door was nailed shut with six inch nails from the inside, her children, myself included, lowered this little 4 foot eleven inch woman out the window so she could go to church and was then beaten when returned. For fifteen years she was beaten until my father, at the age of 49 and over 30 years of alcholism, came to Christ and never drank again. He is now 72. They retook their marriage vows after his salvation and have now been married for 51 years.

A woman who knows the voice of God, that small still voice. And then brother, after she shared it, I was healed. So Trekker, not sure what to tell you. Find those who have suffered for Christ, find and listen to those who have been shaped by Christm sanctified by Him in the fires. The focus of this story is not that my mother told me, it was that the Holy Spirit confirmed it in my own heart and then confirmed it by the healing itself. Jesus is the focus of the story........... bro Frank

 2012/4/29 0:30


Brothergary, please do share with your mother..........bro Frank

 2012/4/29 0:31

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