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 Re: The migration.

Eventually we all will be confronted with this reality, but the question remains; How could this have happened? England and Scotland in particular, were at one time the seed bed of the World of the most Holy Gospel, producing armies of Apostolic men and women that literally infiltrated and shook the entire world for God, on every continent, and in a terrain of HARD GROUND; where none had ever heard.

Two things, I believe come to mind. The embracing of Secular Humanism as a legitimate philosophy to live by. Herein Social Justice is defined with a totally opposite world view, where human rights are no longer defined within a Biblical paradigm, but fall under the "enlightened" philosophers of both the Renaissance and the Greek Age; there-by Democracy is embraced, with it's permissive weather-bell resounding "Do as you will!", "IT IS YOUR RIGHT!".

From this ,we have gained the murder of the unborn, rampant Sorcery, Sodomy, total warfare against the Family, and hoards of ancient cults like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and plain old Atheism embraced as the norm. Remember, this is the birthplace of the Magna Carter, and stretch it out, and we have man the Emperor of his own destiny.

2nd.] The embracing of a Cross-less, self-serving religious Gospel.

I suppose the seeds of self sufficiency have always been there, since the beginning, but the fire of the British Church has seemed to die out, especially after WW2. This is when Socialism made her greatest strides in Parliament, after a hard fought Victory was declared, which MANDATED a 100% submission to the effort.

Your children were often forced away from you to strangers in the country, for their own protection. Essentially, every citizen was drafted to serve, if called upon; You and yours belonged to the state. I believe that Socialism in itself, is a spirit, which dictates a Belief System, "equality", Your right to "live as you please", and "pursue Happiness"..."Do as you will."....which is fundamentally the philosophy of Sodom...[ "Hey, let's rape and murder a couple of strangers tonight! It'll be fun!" ]

Add to this prosperity, and the explosion of immorality and cultism emerging from the 1967 Rock and Roll Tsunami, and we have WICKED. This was the garden plot that invited Islam, and Hinduism to stretch out, and lie down besides the once Virile British Empire, and brought judgment upon them too, which this evil migration is.

Where was the Church? She disappeared, along with her voice; mute, powerless, and hibernating to enjoy what was left.

God is using Islam and her dominance as pure Judgment upon the west, and the World, for as a Nation, GB has forsook God, and are weighed in the balances. We too, but a little behind. "God help us all."

 2012/4/18 9:11


As the mother country goes so her child America follows.


 2012/4/18 10:33

 Are we headed the way of Europa?

"As the mother country goes so her child America follows."


I fear so.

 2012/4/19 18:09

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