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Lahry: If you start another thread on G-12, I'll comment on my experiences with Bethany home fellowships.

[url=]Home Church Thread[/url]

Althought I'm not saying im for or against G-12 I would like to know what everyone thinks about it. I have inserted the thread where the discussion fist came out of. Im not here to argue or prove a point I just want to know what everyone thinks about G-12. Thanks!

Josh Parsley

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 Re: G-12

Well, I thought the link to was quite enlightening. GOVERNMENT OF TWELVE (G12)

I'm not sure how to make that a link, but I suppose you can paste it necessary.

That's all I'm at liberty to say about it at this point. If you want to understand what it's all about, read this.

I will respond to your comments, if I feel led too.

 2005/2/3 20:54

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 Re: G-12

the site is absolutely accurate, providing references to statements made concerning G-12...also, they have A TON of amazing articles there!

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Here you go;


Mike Balog

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I have recently noticed postings on G12 and statements made by on G12. I attend the one of the most prominent G12 churches in America, and am a leader in this church. I am familiar with the inner workings of G12 and would like to have the opportunity to please clear up any misconceptions.

G12 does not mean control but empowerment for lay ministry.

You see the concept of discipleship throughout the bible.

The method of G12 does not consist of "master - disciple relationships".

The sheperding movement is the opposite of the concept of 12!

Humans are involved in ministry, people abuse the bible to control, that does not mean that everyone with a bible is controlling. In the same way because some have abused G12 or cells that does not mean that the concept is bad.

We emphasize the nessecity of relationships among Christians, accountability, and integrity.

Please know that I am not desiring to argue but if you have any questions about G12 or the principle of 12, and would like honest real awnsers then you can ask here!

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 Re: home meetings...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with home meetings. They are as biblical as the blood of Jesus. Some of the best church meetings I've ever attended have been in home meetings....where the Holy Spirit was free to move.
God is not in the statistic business, He's in the saving business. Jesus is not out to build my church, He's out to build His church, His kingdom, His body.
Man who trusts more in his/her own ability than the power of God to rule and reign will always be insecure over what he/she cannot control.
Worse yet, when you put your hope for deliverence in meetings instead of the shed blood of Jesus Christ, then the object of your faith is no longer the cross. That my friend is sinking sand. Your house will not stand in the storms of life and your hope is in vain.
Give up trying to be a man pleaser. Please God, no matter what the cost. Then when the wind of control blows, it shall not bother you. For your life is consumed in Christ's. Alleluia. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Get together with saints that want to worship and seek God. Surround yourself with those who desire to walk in obedience, holiness, and truth. When you get together, He is there. When you praise Him, He inhabits your praises. You don't need some program, you need Him. Pursue Him and you won't need all that other man made stuff. God bless you as you go on with Jesus.

 2005/4/15 21:28

 Re: G-12

G-12 is fine, just throw away the G-12 handbook and the Purpose Driven Life books and read from the good ole book, the Bible.

Also if one wants to listen in on those who oppose the G-12 and Purpose Driven Life, you can tap into and look for the radio feed.


 2005/4/15 22:32

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 Re: Interest In Inner Workings

Hi PursueTruth,

Welcome to the forum here! I've been working (church planting) in a more typical cell church model for some years now, and am curious about G-12. Sounds like you're the guy with the inside scoop! I've got several questions, but maybe the first would be: What do you feel are the biggest strengths of the G-12 structure? How does it work to release the church members and leaders into all that God has for them?

Note: Don't worry. I'm not one of those who think that church structure and organization are bad things. Bad structure and organization are, of course, bad ... and hinder what God intends for the body. But good structure and organization can result in greater freedom for the church - a release into all that God has for it. Mark me down for wanting to learn all I can about the G-12 structure, and whether or not it is a releaser or a hinderer.

Thanks for your willingness to give a first-hand perspective!

Gregg Dennington

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 Re: G-12 Advantages

Church planting, that's really cool! One of our church planters and his twelve in Africa planted 1,000+ churches last year.

I believe that everything in the kingdom is made for multiplication. God's first command to Adam and Eve was to multiply, fill the Earth, and subdue it. Nothing God creates is ever intended to remain alone. Everything God creates is intendeed to produce after its own kind.

In most traditional churches members have no spiritual posterity, but since everyone is childless it goes unnoticed. With G12 everyone is moved toward their destiny.

There is accountability!

When people work in teams their faults are exposed. This is good because it encourages them to get help in those areas of their life that are lacking. Many pastors first look to G12 for multiplication; however, this is not the primary mission or purpose for having a G12 church. The main difference I feel is that Chirstians in a G12 church are encouraged to focus on personal transformation and are less likely to simply sink into their chair, shake a hand, and slip out of the back door. Each Christian must encounter the cross! On an Encounter weekend every person deals with emotional hurts, sin, and bondages. They also learn to live a life pleasing in the Lord's sight and are baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Also your team of 12 is a lifelong team that you are committed to and in covenant with. Most Christians have no team to be a part of. In the bible we see that Christians work in teams to accomplish the advancement of the kingdom.

Every member a pastor!

I believe that every person has a great potential inside of them, that they can all help in the work of the kingdom. The vision of 12 is a vision that is concerned not with a bigger crowd, but more workers. The multiplication is of laborers that are fit and ready for the harvest.

Warning: the best things God has for us when used improperly are very dangerous!
Examples: Sex, the law, music, etc.
If you take the truths of the bible and improperly use them yes people get out of the will of God. The Holy Spirit has the best for His people, but we must remember to divide the word rightly. G12 is not control, just like sex or the law aren't evil. Sex outside of marriage is evil, G12 without the Holy Spirit is too.

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