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 Evangelism Seminar in Potsdam, NY

I covet the prayers of the saints on this board regarding an evangelism seminar (Ray Comfort style) I am teaching in the Potsdam, NY area, Feb. 4-6. I will be teaching the InterVarsity group on the 4th on the campus of Clarkson University. On Saturday we will be doing a seminar at a church called "Christian Fellowship Center" ( from 9:00AM-3:00PM. On Sunday we will have the men's Sunday School time. Miles Lewis will be traveling with me, and helping with some of the outreach. We will be helping the IVCF group staff a tract table during Clarkson's hockey game on Saturday night.

Please pray for God to move powerfully as we share the concepts of Biblical evangelism. Your prayers during the Toronto outreach were such a blessing; we wouldn't want to go forward without them.


Jon Speed

Jon Speed

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 Re: Evangelism Seminar in Potsdam, NY

covet the prayers of the saints on this board regarding an evangelism seminar (Ray Comfort style) I am teaching in the Potsdam, NY area, Feb. 4-6.

Thats great to hear that you are having these open doors brother Jon. May God go before you and prepare the way.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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AWESOME STUFF!! I'm praying for you brother!

 2005/2/3 19:48

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 Re: Campus evangelism, Potsdam, NY

I know this is long, but could be worth the read. I am not sure about the pictures, maybe just cut and paste the link.

This is what we posted on GNN's messege board...

Campus Evangelism Seminar w/ Jon Speed
« on: Feb 6th, 2005, 11:45pm » Quote Modify Remove

Today we got back from the evangelism seminar Jon led at a college campus in Potsdam, NY. We thank God for your prayers, they were definately felt in a big way. I will try to give a brief rundown of the wild weekend.

Jon's family and Chris Brush met at my house around noon. We ate lunch, fellowshipped, and off we went. It was about a two and a half hour drive to the campus. We brought each other up to speed on recent events in our lives and had plenty of laughs which set the tone for the weekend. (sometimes we just have too much fun) Just before we got to the town, we saw a hotel called Comfort Suites which had a sign that said, "Comfort is our bussiness" we laughed and had to take a picture.
We arrived at the campus and met up with Mike Premo and a few other brothers (students) who were very familiar with WOTM. One young man named Luke I began talking to who I assumed was familiar with WOTM, as he was with Mike Premo, asked how I did open air. So I started doing some trivia questions for $1, (the trick questions on the survey tract) and I told him to watch and see what happened, he got one right. Now for the big money question worth $10 (now everybody in the dorm room was standing around like a crowd, which showed what I meant about seeing what happens to draw a crowd,(work$ every time)) I asked "Do you consider yourself to be a good person?" He said YES. I was shocked. So I carried on through the Law and when it came to judgement, I said, "Heaven or Hell?" It was Heaven because of Jesus, etc. Now my flesh said OK, you can stop, he's a Christian... But the Holy Spirit just kept pushing "keep going". So I did and went through the courtroom, and talked of false conversions, and finally shared my testimony in brief. I urged him to really consider and examine himself, because there would be no greater mistake than to go to Hell with the hope of Heaven... He agreed and I could tell he was humbled. I closed with asking him about the good test and if he passed or not. He said he blew it and didn't deserve the money. I gave it to him anyway as an example of God's grace and I am sure it left an impact on him, even if it was only $10. I think we all felt that God powerful moved right there even. Jon said he was praying for me as we were talking. I felt it. We ate some food and fellowshipped and then headed off to the meeting place where the InterVarsity group meets regularly. We set up and then prayed. Well God showed up because there were (I was told) a lot more people than normal. At least 50, maybe 60 students were there to hear Jon do power point HBKS. It seemed pretty well received, there was lots of conviction. Unfortunately, the next day was the more intense evangelism seminar which had a scheduling conflict with people who wanted to go ice skating. Well, as you might have guessed, most chose to go ice skating. But that's OK. God brought who needed to be there. We finished up the night by engaging people who were just hanging around in conversation about what they thought about the message. We passed out a lot of tracts too.
That night a family opened up their home to us to stay at including meals.

We got up early and ate breakfast and then headed off to the chuch at 8:30 to set up for the seminar. We were getting nervous when no one showed up, but lo and behold, about ten people showed up besides us three. About half didn't weren't familiar with WOTM. The presentations were great. Mostly videos; The Firefighter, God's Wonderful Plan, True and False Conversions, then I shared my testimony, we broke for lunch, then did WDJD, and did some role play. The role play went great, they picked it up quickly. Some of the girls were having a tough time grasping it, but Chris was there to guide them through (he he). We sold some tracts and books but most attendees were starving college sudents and didn't have much money... actually, no money. But we were really encouraged at the zeal we saw in this small group, I am sure this is the group God wanted. Luke was even there to hear True and False Conversions and my testimony. Pray for him saints, I think God has got a hold of this guy. The associate pastor of the chuch even sat in towards the end and was really excited and said the whole church needed to hear this. That was encouraging.
We broke for about an hour and a half and finished the night with setting up a tract table at a hockey game on campus. Mike Premo, Eric, Andy, and most everybody from the seminar was there. They made up signs with "the million dollar question" "Tickets to Heaven" and quite a few others. Jon and I set up our easels with the I.Q. Test on one and trivia questions with the open air charts on the other. The students had lots of tracts, books, CDs, DVDs, that they were just giving away. We passed out tons of tracts that night and even did open air a few times, or closed air depending on how you look at it.

There is plenty more to expound on with the rest of the night and especially the next day at the church. I'm sure Jon would like to add his own additions. It is getting too late to finish and I'm really tired so if Jon doesn't add anything by tomorro night, I'll post more.

Miles Lewis
Then Jon wrote...

I will try to pick up where Miles left off here and if I miss anything he can fill the gap...

On Saturday night, as Miles said, the IVCF students had a great tract and book table set up. After we helped them set up, one of the brothers, Eric, started getting after Miles to do an open air in the packed cafeteria near the arena just down the hall. After some hemming and hawing on our part, we decided to give it a shot. After all, all they could do was ask us to leave and it wouldn't be on the IVCF's heads if there was a problem. Miles started with some juggling and then trivia questions and the usual drill. He managed to get through an entire gospel presentation before one family got pretty irritated. Rather than continue to push the envelope, Miles wisely decided to end it. I am glad that Miles did it, because I was not sure that I had the guts at that moment, but it sure is easier to encourage someone else to give it a shot than do it yourself.

That event was ground breaking however, because it gave a fresh boldness to the rest of the students. The end result was that hundreds of tracts went out (maybe even a thousand), and there were many one to one opportunities. We even did a couple more open airs in the hallway at the booth. Once I thought that the security would have to shut us down because we had so many people in one open air (with Lazarus) that we almost blocked the thorofare, but they almost seemed blinded to what was going on.

The best part of the night was the equipping of the believers. They took what they learned in the seminar and all of them stepped out of their comfort zone in one way or the other.

Sunday was another amazing day. The Christian Fellowship Center in Madrid was the church that hosted the seminar and they gave me their men's Sunday School class. They have been studying justification in Romans, so I gave a lesson on three doctrines that are neglected when we proclaim justification (law, repentance, and false conversion). It ended up being more like a sermon than a teaching, but they encouraged it and that was all I needed. It was an awesome class and they drank it up like water.

In the service they gave me 20 minutes to speak on my passion for evangelism and how it came about. It started with a mix of Wonderful Way To Worship concepts (related to fear and its source) and some of Ray's stuff on fear, and then finished with my testimony of sound salvation in 2003 and a very quick overview of false conversion.

Then the amazing stuff started happening. The associate pastor who had sat in on our Saturday afternoon session got up to preach and preached an awesome sermon on evangelism. He had some neat concepts that I think will work their way into my future presentations. Then he said something to the effect of, "Why are we ministering to the 3% of the believers in St. Lawrence county and neglecting the 97% of unbelievers? From now on, we are going to move beyond these four walls and seek and save the lost." Whoa! He was lit up for evangelism and his enthusiasm was contagious. In fact, he is going to apply to come to a boot camp sometime this year!! We ended up almost selling out of all the stuff we brought (tracts, books, CDs).

At the literature table, one lady bought a package deal we were offering and said to Miles that she thought that she might be a false convert and that she was going to examine herself! Another guy prayed to trust Christ when he spoke to a guy in the church who does an evangelism training ministry using the WOTM method!

Now this guy is interesting. His name is Derek Levendusky and he read HBKS back in the mid-1990's. I don't think he has been keeping up with what has been going on at Living Waters, but he has been very active in developing his own material based largely on what he learned in HBKS. He has started a ministry called Isaiah 6 Ministries and here is their mission statement: "...a ministry of worship and evangelism that travels the globe with a passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled. An equipping ministry, Isaiah 6 Ministries desires to see a generation equipped and mobilized first in a passionate relationship with Jesus (worship) and second, as ambassadors to the nations (evangelism)." Interesting "coincidence." He runs a school of evangelism for a college ministry in the northeast called B.A.S.I.C. each summer and we might have an in there. He has also written a book called the "12 Myths Of Evangelism" that is used as a textbook in a Bible school in Lima, NY called Elim (James Murphy's daughter goes there).

We met after the service and he gave me a bunch of copies of his book, and some of the worship CDs they have made. It is solid stuff. I am going to read the book today; it refers to HBKS quite a bit and some other concepts that Ray has developed since then, but I think Derek has come up with it on his own, so there are some different angles and illustrations.

They did an awesome CD called "Anastasis" which is more or less original punk rock with lyrics which follow the WOTM presentation! The song "Guilty" is absolutely amazing, a ballad with a reading of the 10 commandments mixed in and Derek's preaching on the spiritual nature of the law dubbed in. Between songs there are interviews with local skate boarders and what they think about life after death, innocent or guilty, etc. The end of the thing has an awesome presentation of the cross and grace. When we listened to it on the way home we just sat there in stunned silence. Amazing. You guys need to check out the site: I don't see on the site how you order their CDs, but I will send an email to Derek and try to let you know if you are interested. There's a sticker on "Anastasis" that says two for $6.00. I would like to buy a case to give out to skaters.

So, praise God for a bunch of awesome witnessing opportunities, but even more importantly the equipping of the believers and a chance to get to know a like minded evangelism training ministry. It was one of the most fruitful weekends of ministry I've seen. God did an amazing work.

Glory To God,


And then I added a little more...

Oh man, I just had whole bunch of additions typed up and right at the end AOL restarted and I lost it all . Oh well, I count all things but lost right?

I will try to recap. When Jon said WE were hemming and hawing about doing open air in the eatery, it was ME hemming and hawing. I was so glad to have some faithful brothers putting the boots into my back and getting me psyched up. I also had on my EBC 4 shirt with the bootprints and all to motivate me. The fear left when I just opened my mouth and stepped out in faith for the Lord Jesus. About the irritated family, I thought the woman was either going to hit me or throw bad fruit at me. Praise God she didn't.
I have one very cool glory story about one of the girls who was at the evangelism seminar. She had her very first one to one, but I'll give it from my perspective. She came back to the tract table and said, in an excited tone, "I NEED SOME GOSPELS OF JOHN!" I thought to myself, "Why?" She then quickly explained that she was doing the survey tract with a group of students, and when she got to the spiritual part she wasn't sure if she should go on. Well praise GOD she let compassion swallow her fears and went for it. She explained Law and grace with a full gospel presentation and they were convicted enough that she knew to get some of the Word to 'em. I just praise GOD that there are now more laborors for the Kingdom than there were last week. God is faithful. I can't even comprehend the magnitude and exponential effect of just one weekend. OH, PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!
The real icing on the cake was to see that pastor preach after Jon spoke and NOT talk about the building fund, or cute little programs, or anything like that... But basically said, "OK, let's get out of the four walls of this church and PREACH IT!!!!!!" And then have the table we were selling tracts and books at almost SELL OUT! Praise GOD again!!!!!!! WOW!!! Whew! I have to calm down... wait, no I don't! Just keep plowing and planting, saints. I will try to put up a few pictures tomorro. So, untill next time...

And a few pictures...

Here are a few pictures... Just click to see full size.
That is Jon's wife leaving my house and Chris Brush is showing Jon Speed how to use the pink and blue tract... just kidding.
This was too funny to pass up. Just as we were coming in to town.
This is some of the Intervarsity regulars taken at the evangelism seminar(from left:Mike Premo, Eric, girl who did first one to one, another girl who's name I can't remember. All soon to be dubbed, highly motivated, sanctified, seed sowing, superstars, for sure.
OK, say it with me now... proud, hard hearted, self righteous, ciggarette- sucking, alcohol chugging, dope smoking sinner.
From left: Andy, Chris Brush
"Now you just have to ask YOURSELF, the million dollar question."
Ahh, we have taught them well... This is eric doing his best Miles Lewis impersonation, tucked in shirt and millions coming out of the pocket and all. The guy next to him is named Sam. He thought it was pretty funny too. And to the right... LOOK, it's Jon Speed!
Setting up the tract table.
And another just for good measure... I wish I had taken more pictures. Enjoy.

Miles Lewis

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