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 Assemblies of God lays off 47 people at HQ

The Assemblies of God church's leaders said Thursday that they laid off 47 of the international headquarter's 830 employees. They said many of the layoffs are the result of switching from print to digital publications. They also said it's possible that continuing changes in technology could mean more layoffs.

The people losing their jobs operate the printing presses of Gospel Publishing House. It has been turning out Sunday School materials, books and the denomination's weekly magazine since the denomination's beginning.

Print orders are off, however, revenue is down, and church leaders say the use of online resources continues to replace the use of printed materials. Forty percent of pentecostals are under 25 years old and, like others their age, prefer the electronic page. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/4/14 13:24Profile

 Re: Assemblies of God lays off 47 people at HQ

hey, its a business, right?

i guess 47 more people applying for food stamps, joining the 47 million already on food stamps, that i hear conservatives becrying as the entitlement class.

guess the other 783 folks at AoG HQ couldnt pitch in 10% to keep the 47........naw, its a business, right?

 2012/4/14 15:16

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HezWelling wrote:
guess the other 783 folks at AoG HQ couldnt pitch in 10% to keep the 47........naw, its a business, right?

This is exactly right brother! thanks for pointing that out.

God bless,


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HEZ WELLING STATED: hey, its a business, right?

I RESPOND: Well, the printing department is. It exists for the express reason of providing printed materials (Sunday School literature, magazines, etc.) for the churches and people within the AOG.

They also were given reasonable severance packages and help with finding new employment. Some may take other positions within the AOG headquarters as they become available.

However, the bottom line is this - if the printed material orders have dropped off and apparently will not recover you can't really afford to pay people to simply sit around and watch the walls.

Although I am sad anyone has to go through a new job search.... I am also happy about the circumstances that make it a necessity.

For example: from the article-

1. The Assemblies of God is the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination with more than 64 million members worldwide.

2. Today, the Assemblies of God is the fastest growing major denomination in the United States with 12,595 churches and over 3 million members and adherents.

( INSERT SOLOMON -Those things are largely happening because of a focus on prayer, evangelism, and renewed emphasis on church planting. We are believing, praying, strategizing, and prioritizing the planting of 500 new churches a year. These are largely focused on reaching geographic or ethnic population groups that are now under served by an evangelical witness.

3.Forty percent of pentecostals are under 25 years old and, like others their age, prefer the electronic page. END ARTICLE QUOTES

THAT is great news! God IS allowing us to effectively reach this generation. I see so many of them making a stand for Godliness, exhibiting a great witness, and showing incredible maturity. It sometimes takes my breath away with hope when I see them so often doing the hard...but right and Godly things.

I hate to see the workers at AOG headquarters go through a job change. However, God is still on the throne and their supplier. The larger picture of reaching so many people for Christ, especially the children, teens, and twenties, that I am for doing all we can to accomplish it.

80% of all people who ever give their life to Christ have done so by age 18. 90% who ever give their heart to Christ have done so by age 20.
Well....if 90% of salvations happen in that age group where should we perhaps be spending 90% of our evangelism efforts, manpower, prayer, dollars, etc?
I would think that if a church or fellowship were actually interested in catching fish (people) for Jesus then they would mostly be fishing where the fish are most catchable!

Interesting study for all of us. If 90% plus of all commitments to Christ happen before a person reaches age 20 a bit of research might be in order. What percentage of your churches/fellowships outreach efforts are aimed at this group? What percentage of dollars that are spent on programming or evangelism are targeted at this age group? When making considerations for the hours volunteers invest in the church/fellowship how much of it is aimed at this group? More importantly... how much of a voice does that age group have in establishing ideas, outreaches, etc. to their peers?

The answers to these questions will determine for many denominations/fellowships/groups whether they have had a past or a past AND a future.

The answers to the questions seem easy..... but the commitment to actually make it happen when long held opinions, and traditions must be broken to accomplish it.... well it becomes a much different animal.

EVERYONE says they believe in evangelism. However, when it begins to affect them and their comfort zones they often balk. The price tags of change are to great for them to pay... even if it means effectively reaching or losing the next generation of people. Change is to high of a price tag in many peoples mind. They would never say that... but it is true none the less.

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My thoughts are why are we even posting this thread or posting on it without prayer for the AOG and the people who lost there jobs.

James 2:1 My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons.

Excellent post Solomon!

Blessings...from brother rbanks

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Let us not judge the Assemblies of God for doing this. I'm sure it was not an easy decision to come by. It is never easy to lay people off, no matter what "business" you are in. I've worked for one of the largest law firms in the world, and in my office they laid off about 10-20% of the attorneys and staff in one year. The administrator over this office was very far from being a godly man. Yet, when it came to having let all these people go, I saw how it was a very difficult thing for him to do. If it were this difficult for a man who didn't know the Lord, I can only imagine how difficult it was to do for those who have.

Jimmy H

 2012/4/14 18:04Profile


edit to remove unedifying sarcasm:

Here are a couple of quick points I would like to make without using any sarcasm, though I think the plain truth will not go over any better.

1) Christ died not die to build a religious organization. The Bible knows nothing of paid staffs at religious businesses that claim to speak for Christ.

2) The Bible knows nothing about a world wide religious organization at all- only a world wide group of people who are called out of the world. The first world wide religious organization that claimed to be of Christ was rome. The great whore has many harlot daughters.

3) In a day when most church people are not saved and the ear ticklers get the biggest crowd, bragging about large numbers may not be wise.


To save anyone who is really confused about what and who the church is from having to type a false rebuke - I am coming against a man made religious business here, not a local church or individual believer. But Jim - that man made religous organization/business is made up of some true believers. Sadly it is, I hope the true believers will seperate from the organization.


 2012/4/14 18:14

 God bless you too Lisa

lets just do a little math. say the 783 make an avg of 25k a year, 10% of that is $2500.00, times that by 783, and you get $1,957,500.00 divide that by 47,and those 47 would get $41, you wouldnt even have to do 10% based on my median salary, to keep 47 PEOPLE, actual living breathing people in a job, that is their calling and passion...not some law firm, or any other worldly enterprise...but the Assemblies of God, borne out of a revival, that was NOMINALLY led by one-eyed black preacher with a small pox scarred face, whose "collection plate" was a simple box tacked onto the back wall of humble rundown stable/church located in downtown LA, circa 1906.

i think i'll just stop there, its all making me sick with grief. doing "church" is a GREAT business, rome showed the protestants that, and the pentecostals TOO!!! say and do the right things, maybe even deliever "value voters", and just think, elect the "right" president, and you might even get an invitation to the WHITE HOUSE. ...or just think, you can do the circus act church, wind up on TBN, become a religious star, and you can own all sorts of goodies, multiple mansions, private jets, and many people telling you how "annointed" you are. gee, religion sure can be fun and profitable.

 2012/4/14 20:26

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“The truth must be told. Azusa began to fail the Lord also early in her history. God showed me one day that they were going to organize, though not a word had been said in my hearing about it. The Spirit revealed it to me. He had me get up and warn them of making a ‘party’ spirit of the Pentecostal work. The ‘baptized’ saints were to remain ‘one body,’ even as they had been called, and to be free as His Spirit was free, not ‘entangled again in a yoke of (ecclesiastical) bondage.’”
Frank Bartleman, Azusa Street

Allan Halton

 2012/4/14 20:59Profile

 Re: God bless you too Lisa

"borne out of a revival, that was NOMINALLY led by one-eyed black preacher with a small pox scarred face, whose "collection plate" was a simple box tacked onto the back wall of humble rundown stable/church located in downtown LA, circa 1906."

Times have changed Neil. That is a long way from the modern Assemblies of God Corporation of America. Breaks my heart to think of the beginnings in light of my wife having to sit in the AOG moms group every week being sold mary kay and other products by the music pastors wife and children’s pastor wife while starving spiritually as a new believer. God help me I did not know any better as a young Christian back then to be made merchandise of and subject my wife to it. Paid my tithes to keep it going (my sacrifice will burn up as chaff on the day of judgment), volunteered time (that too will go up in smoke), was deceived and being deceived.

Jesus saved me from it and now I get to serve his kingdom. Thankfully King Jesus doesn’t layoff his laborers... and he doesn’t make merchandise of the pew warmers either. We are so far from normal new testament christianity - like the [blind] religious people of the first century. Many traditions to make void the truth of God.

 2012/4/14 21:04

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