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Someone asked me if I could share some things I’ve learned during my time being “under-employed” over the last year.

Consider that in July 2010 I had a heart attack and less than a year later I got laid off and lost our health insurance as a result… I learned to trust in the Lord more than ever.

I learned that the Lord does supply all of our needs… and sometimes even blesses us beyond what we can imagine. All of our bills were paid on time thru this period, and at times even had a little left over.

In January I went to Hawaii for a week with one of my sons… he won it thru a writing contest, so the entire trip was free except for the Jeep we rented. God is AMAZING.

I learned that no matter what happens in our lives… it happens because God has ordained it. God knew all about my getting laid off before it happened. He did not respond to the situation, He directed the situation to test me, try me and teach me.

God put me in different situations that I would not have otherwise been in so that I could shine the light of His love and grace. The same is true for my new job. I’m excited about the opportunity to witness of His grace to those folks there that I don’t even know yet.

I learned that my wife is even more of a Proverbs 31 wife than I could have imagined. The business she started when I got laid off has soared!

I suppose if I were to write down everything I have learned and experienced of God… it would be a book.


 2012/4/13 8:23

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Praise YehovahJireh - In the mount of the LORD it SHALL be seen.

Glad for and with you Krispy.


J Kruger

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I JUST saw this Krispy... (haven't been around much)

Praising the LORD with you!!

Speaking of how GOOD God is, you might like this song,

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Thank you for sharing these things Krispy.

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Congratulations!! God bless!

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