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  Youcef Nadarkhani, A Birthday Renembered

American Center for Law and Justice reported that Youcef Nadarkhani celebrated his 3rd birthday in prison. This was posted yesterday. Today marks his 913th day or so of imprisonment. Sources inside Iran think Youcef is still alive but confirmation is difficult due to the oppression of Iran's government. ACLJ and other ministries have been keeping Youcef's case before the public. There has been a worldwide outcry against Iran for Youcef to be released. But Iran still keeps him in prison.

Iran, as well as Pakistan is hoping Christians will forget about Youcef Nadarkhani and Asia Bibi. As satan comes against the followers of Christ he is hoping we will not remember the persecuted.

Already historical revisionist are being used by satan to deny the holocost. Some modern historians are saying that 6 million Jews were never killed by Hitler. Even some Christians buy into this.

The devil is wanting believers to believe that the persecuted church today is a myth. Just as defenders of Israel rise up to expose the lie that the holocost never happen so we must expose the lie of the persecuted church being a myth.

Saints we read of persecution happening in Acts. We read of believers persecuted in Rome. Foxes Book of Martyrs and Martyrs Mirror speaks of believers persecuted for Christ. We accept this as part of church history.

But what of today??? Does persecution continue? Saints it dies. Voice of the Martyrs , Open Doors, Gosoel for Asia and publiccations such as Compass Direct or Forum 18 remind of saints who suffer for Christ. Sometime in the mist horrendous of conditions.

The epistle of Hebrews admonishes to remember those in prison as if we were their fellow prisoners and those who are. being mistreated as if we ourselves are suffering. Let us not forget the persecuted. For God has not forgotten the.

Posted by Bearmaster.

 2012/4/12 11:33

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