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 Confused Church Book Quotes - Shane Idleman

"We don't change God's message; His message changes us."

"Although feelings can be good and God-ordained, when it comes to making decisions, we shouldn't interpret the Scriptures in the light of our feelings, but rather, interpret our feelings through the light if Scripture."

"Postmodernism and relativism are nourished by pride because they value human reasoning and intellect rather than God's Word and absolute truth."

"We are not called to make truth tolerable but to make it clear...Times change, but the truth does not."

"When it comes to contending for absolute truth in a postmodern culture, there will be reaustance...God's Word says to confront, confess, and turn from our sins, whereas relativism encourages us to ignore, overlook, and continue in them."

"Postmodernism really isn't about "truth," it's about doing whatever is right in our own eyes."

"No other decision will impact our lives more than who, or what, we choose to follow."

"Unless one is firmly grounded in God's Word and led by His Spirit, it us easy to be led astray."

"Biblical unity is unity with the Spirit, not unity for the sake if unity."

"When we forget about grace, we can become legalistic...but hating sin is not legalism-it's wisdom, and it's biblical."

"Biblical unity encourages us to remove the plank from our eye first... It takes humble, broken people to admit that they need to remove things from their own lives before critiquing and instructing others."

"Those who are not committed to upholding truth will look for approval from the culture rather than from God's Word."

"We have to do what is right because it's right not because it's popular."

"You can be well read in all sixty-six books of the Bible,preach as well as Whitefield, Moody, and Spurge on, and have a Ph.D. in theology, but if you don't have love, you have nothing."

"Speaking the truth in love often results in being 'against' some controversial things. This can't be prevented, nor should it be."

"On the issue of abortion and sexual sin, there is really only one position--God's position."

"Sanctification is God's job, but obedience us ours."

"We need to replace our 'consumer' mentality with a 'servant' mentality."

"No matter what you have experienced, you have the ability to turn to Christ and start anew."

"The church does the most for the world when it is least like the world."

"Sin has a life cycle--it either grows or withers depending in whether we feed or starve it."

"Understanding God's Word and living a victorious Christian life can only be achieved by the power of the Holy Spirit."

"It is possible to be 'Bible taught,' but not 'Spirit led,' -- straight as a gun barrel theologically, but just as empty."

"There is a desperate need to preach and proclaim God's Word with genuine power if we are to experience true revival."

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