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Hey Ed,

Was planning on doing the same, being that he thought it was an article. Didn't think there was really any attempt to deceive there, it just took a little while to sort it out.


No, I didn't mean to "blend" fact with fiction. Actually, I just learned the Palacki story was just that, a story, not a true factual event. I thought it WAS a true event.

Nor you either, again it was just confusing and at first it did get me a little ruffled, obviously ;-) Had first read it in the thread Ed had posted and figured you were referring again to the same. I too was under the impression it was real and when you said 'fiction' I thought, 'what?'
That piece was actually written by a novelist who I understand specializes in "reality-based" fiction. He takes real historical people and times, and writes fictional events around them to...

Good to hear the Andrew was able to get it straightened out as well. That explanation also helps, had seen it listed under 'historical' and at the same time as fiction and suspected that it may have been something on this order... Kind of like those "based on actual event's/people type's of things". Good that this is getting clarified, sure wish it had been true though...

Mike Balog

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