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Hi again Ephah. Thank you for your kind reply.
I don't think many would fault you on this one.
"They all point to one!", you said - but hasn't there been many since the times have been changed? I suppose you mean a "seat" - maybe?

I also wonder - because Jesus said that the counterfeit Jews would accept this antiChrist, that they'd never go for this one that you are describing - but are waiting for one who's 'claimed' lineage is of the seed of David.

Though your description is fitting and true - I always thought that may be more of the role of the false prophet, who may just come out from New York eventually, as well - that's the second beast that makes all worship the first beast, that comes out from a beast system based in NY - for now, until it's moved to Jerusalem.

What do you think?

P.S. - you do know that this type talk will get us beheaded, right? :)

 2012/4/11 1:00


You’re right J.I.G. the Beast represents the entire beastly system not just one man. Now concerning Jerusalem and the Jews, it’s a done deal, this Beast” is directly in charge of Jerusalem not the Jews. This involved the 7 year peace plan made with Rabin long ago.A profecy mentioned in Daniel 7 & 8

that's the second beast that makes all worship the first beast, that comes out from a beast system based in NY - for now, until it's moved to Jerusalem.

the second Beast is the United States as a whole not just NY. Remember the first Beast came out of the sea (the sea representing multitudes and laguages)

Then I saw another beast coming up out of the earth (the earth representing a land not yet populated or established) the U.S. was the last land to be established.

Note that the Creator also chose the U.S. to bring forth the final work on the Seven Lamp Lampstand also refered to as the Seventh Trumpeter when he sounds the great secrete of Yahweh and then the end. Revelation 11:15---Let he who has understanding discern these things.

 2012/4/11 21:54


Thank you for explaining your view, Ephah. I may not understand what you mean by your last paragraph, but whether we see it all the same or not - it's all happening as it's written it will happen. Much more realiable to read The Word than the Newspapers or News sites - and that I know is truly true.

Peace in Him!

 2012/4/11 22:12

 Re: Jesus._is_God

Sister you said such talk can get us beheded. I saw a picture of a modern guillotine. It looked like a bow flex machine but had the ugly blade. Supposedly they will be deployed at FEMA detention centers for executions. Pretty grusome but this may be Revelation coming to life.

By the way you do know Art Katz believes that saints will be martyred in our lifetime? Probably by the guillotine.

Bearmaster standing down while he still has a head.

 2012/4/11 23:31


Funny you should mention that :)
Back in the mid-80s, my husband and a Christian man went to a full-gospel business men's luncheon and the guest speaker that seemed to be quite sane said that a shipping container somehow broke or something while being unloaded from a ship - I believe it was in Calif and out came the contents of Lots of guillotines and there were lots of shipping containers.
I told my closest sister-friend back then and [OK, we're nutz - I admit it] but this Saintly friend began with the "heads are gonna roll" one liners and they were coming to me just as fast and we laughed so much, we'll never forget that conversation. If I remember them all - I'll let you know the rest.
I asked my Dr today if I could have a new head - she said, Nope - but I do have to go get a cat-scan on the thing.
I say to the operators of these decapitators - 'Go ahead, make my day', but I'll never tell my friends, "Don't lose your head." :) Now ya got me started on those one liners. lol.
Thanks, Brother!

 2012/4/11 23:57


Bearmaster, hope I didn't upset you with my own one-liners but I liked yours at the end of your post :)

My first response that started my thoughts on these one liners was "No brain - no pain" regarding myself. That's why I got going with those one liners.
Today the Dr.s office called and said, No cat-scan but they want an mri. I said that I had one in 2003 and asked, Could we get it and compare the two to see how much my brain has shrunk? We already read about Christian's hippocampus shrinking last month. :)
There's a joy, Brother, that comes with thinking of getting out of this world. Though I know that our hearts will break for one another if these things come to pass, we need to have that detachment from the love of our own bodies that makes us fearful of and desirous to escape pain.
The reason for the mri is that I had pains in my head when I woke up Friday until today ... but GOD used it for the good, as He is known to do. Friday and Saturday, because it was Passover - I spent those two days alone with only His suffering on my mind and then because I was still sick Sunday, I didn't have to go to the family bunny & egg celebration and because of two days of having His sufferings on my mind, it would have been very hard to not see just Him on Sunday. Blessed head pains.
Brother, I think you know that a guillitine would be the easy way out compared to Eritrea and prolonged torture, etc. or the suffering that Art went through before he peacefully left this earth. I read Foxe's book of martyrs and the guillitine would be a piece of cake compared to those Saint's suffering.
We can only pray that we go that easily. Some folks, even that used to be on this forum, were so very sick for so long before they went Home.
Yes, we hate our lives in this world and He already knows how we'll go and He will never put anymore on us than what He knows that we can handle, With Him.

Blessings in His Faith.

 2012/4/12 23:22

 Re: JiG

Nah. Not offended. Like your one liners. That dark humor nay be what sustains us in the death camps

I know that I can only read about that stuff for so long and have to pul back from it. Lot if weird utube stuff. But then some of that stuff does make me wonder????

This is bearnaster standing down with his head still attached.

 2012/4/12 23:37

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