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 Mayan calender and the tribulation possible.

It is something that when I try to tell this on other forums the message will not go through. Perhaps we're on the right track. The Mayan calender was a occult tribe of people who used divination to predict the future.

How could they know that something was going to happen or-------that they might hinder conspiracies of alien attack. The events occuring since 2008 such as tsunamies, huricanes, tornadoes, etc. are predicted by Jesus in Matt. 24:.

If people know this prophesy they could come to repentance. Instead there will great cover up to make it look like global warming and aliens.

In 2008 the earth has been descending into the galaxy disk that all our planets align with. Mayons say the event happens every 26,000 years. That is wrong because earth is only 12,000 years old. no debate here please. In a few years the earth will pass through the galaxy and when in the center would be most intense. The 7 year tribulation is possible here. The earth will come through and not be destroyed, only cleansed. we still have the 1,000 year reign of Jesus on earth after the trib. period.

We can be have hope of our Lord's soon return to deliver us and bless us with a positive future.


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 Re: Mayan calender and the tribulation possible.


Well the Mayan calendar does not take into effect the corrections made to the Gregorian Calendar several hundreds of years ago. Technically if you account for that correction we passed through the last date of the Mayan calendar last year.

As far as the end of the world, I'll stick with interpreting the Scriptures thank you.

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I found a funny cartoon of a Mayan stoneworker rolling in this 4 ft diameter wheel into the chief's hut, saying, "I only had enough room to go up to 2012." And the Mayan chief, with his funny head-dress on replies - "Ha! That'll freak somebody out someday."

What Brother Hulsey said is true, nevertheless, there's loads of occultic folk and even in high places, that are desiring to self-fulfill both Mayan prophesies and Biblical at the same time, in order to deceive the masses - but you both probably already knew that. Brother dpk posted the new agers and globalist religions event calander for this year which shows just how much of a harmonic convergence they're expecting by 12/12/12 and GOD laughs, the Word says.

We're living in the best of times and the worst of times and considering that GOD chooses the generation that we're born into - I reckon we're here for such a time as this.

But I was thinking - when folks begin to put things onto wheels, as astrologers, etc do - um, well, I think it would just be wise to just be wise and know that, only the wheels that Ezekiel saw can be respected and the others are only man trying to figure GOD out with their own puny minds, and contain Him or His wisdom in nothing but a circular shaped object, which is arrogantly presumptuous of man and mere foolishness, as well as an insult to our omniscient GOD.


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