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 Death and its reality

Friday afternoon we had a supervisor, at work, who was killed from a motorcycle accident. I found out about it on Saturday morning when I came into work. He didn't get hit by a car but he did run into a guardrail and was ejected. When I heard this news I dropped draw dropped and I was speechless over this.

This brought back home the reality of death and how final it is in this physical world. It doesn't matter who you are that when you die- in most instances- it is final. This guy was 39 years old and had a 12 year old boy and 10 year old girl. His personality was such that he picked on everyone and was sarcastic to everyone and that is how you knew he liked you. Sometimes he would annoy the mess out of us but he was usually on top of his game in the whole scheme of things.

I think his downfall was his need for speed on a motorcycle and it became his finality. He had just picked his kids up from school and dropped them off at the house. He got his bike and drove back to the plant to have a meeting with the plant manager only he never made it. Came within 3 miles of the plant.

These are those moments when you think about people and how one day you are talking to them and the next they are gone and it is final and yet seems surreal.
Ironically I have seen a good handful of people who work in this plant pass away in the last 10 years. 2 of them by vehicle accidents and the others but diseases such as cancer. One person collapsed after walking around a 3 mile lake. I have always asked if there is something in the food? I work in a dairy processing plant for a large supermarket.

In any case, it is times such as this in which a person can be bring the subject of eternity and yet how delicate should a person be with it in conversation? Tuesday is my first day back at work after hearing about this news and I don't know if the plant will be somber or not. Half the plant was on Saturday and the plant manager seemed to want to instill it in everyone even if we were not thinking about it.


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