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 The spirit of ecumenicalism

It may seem all nice and touchy feely but in reality this is the seed of the heresy of ecumenical. Now what will they say if the Muslim church some day wants to use THEIR church to worship their false god in the pews and pulpits of the one true God?? They will be obligated to consent. And the lie that Islam is a religion of peace is just that, a LIE. Unity is wonderful, but not unity at the expense of Truth!!!

California church holds Easter services at mosque
Published April 09, 2012

SACRAMENTO – When a Sacramento Christian church found itself without a place to hold its Easter services, the church's leaders came up with what some may call an unconventional solution. They asked a local mosque for help.
FOX 40 reports The Spiritual Life Center was unable to renew their lease last week, leaving the congregation homeless right before one of the most important holidays in the Christian faith.

So, the leaders of the church reached out to the leaders of Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims (SALAM), asking if they would be willing to let them use their mosque for their Easter Sunday services.

The leaders of SALAM agreed, and The Spiritual Life Center held its Sunday Easter services in the mosque.
Leaders of both religious groups say they hope that by coming together, they can promote peace and understanding between the faiths.

"I am so grateful to their open-heartedness and their generosity and really living and demonstrating the spirit of Islam, which is peace," said Rev. Michael Moran of The Spiritual Life Center.

Dr. Irfan Haq of SALAM said he also hoped to promote peace by offering up their worship space.

“We are all children of Abraham," he said. "We need to create a better world, a world of peace, a world of love; and a way people accept each other, enjoy each other, interact with one another, and build a better planet."
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 Re: The spirit of ecumenicalism

Going off just the information given here... this church does not sound like they are very Biblically sound to begin with.

Whats interesting is that a muslim "church", or whatever they call themselves, would NEVER meet together inside a Christian church. Ever.

It's like evangelicals who reach out to the Catholic church for "unity". The Catholic church NEVER reaches out to evangelicals... and the only reason the RCC will hold hands with evangelicals is to bring the evangelicals into the RCC, not to broaden their own horizons and unity.

Funny how the RCC, the Mormons, Muslims, etc all know there is a great difference between their beliefs and the Bible. It's ignorant Biblically illiterate Christians who dont see a difference.

Enemies of Christ know more about the Bible than most Christians.


 2012/4/9 10:41

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