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Although Jesus was indeed all man His heart was in unison with the Father's (John 5:19).  Jesus' life was threatened several times before His crucifixion.  Within two chapters in John's gospel the Jews sought to stone Him twice (John 8 and 10) and we see no evidence of fear.  Why?  Because He knew the script for His life from the very beginning and lived His life with the purpose for which He was born and confronted evil unafraid.  So why did He travail in the garden?  Approved is right in that for the first time in all eternity as Jesus hung on the cross  (and the last time, by the way) Jesus was separated from the Father and knew the moment was near.  Recall the time of your salvation when everything was new and fresh, your life completely transformed, and God was so alive in your heart.  At that moment if you were challenged with death compared to separation from the life you've just received and relationship with God like you never knew possible what would concern you?  And we must understand that our revelation of God is but a microcosm of the glory that Jesus walked in.  My dear brethren, He travailed for two reasons.  He knew the hour had come where the sky would go dark and the earth tremble as He would bare our sin upon Himself and cry out "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?".  I don't think our hearts can bare the full weight of that moment as mere men.  Secondly, He anguished in the garden for a people that although He departed from heaven to walk among them and reveal the fullness of the Father to them would reject Him.  See Luke 19, as Jesus enters Jerusalem, He wept over it.  Do you think He knew the people for which He came would reject Him?  Of course He did and yet He wept.  How greatly must the culmination of that burden weighed on Him during the final moments of His natural life.  

I am so thankful for a Savior who loves so great as to be so broken.

Happy Easter all!


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"He likes to give nice little "Christian"-sounding soundbites in an attempt to win over Evangelicals. It's all part of the political strategy. And his cronies probably write those speaches FOR him. Anyone who thinks the man is a born again Christian is a fool. And btw, Muslims also believe in the historical "Jesus", they just don't believe He is God, etc."

Yet how many here vote republican thinking it is "Gods party". How many christians sent their sons and daughters off to kill and be killed in iraq because they think america is like OT isreal. How many christian radio stations who now denounce obama worshipped the good christian bush with all the loyalty that churchians will one day give to antichrist.

The "christian" left is no more or less apostate than the "christian" right.


 2012/4/7 10:02

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He likes to give nice little "Christian"-sounding soundbites in an attempt to win over Evangelicals. It's all part of the political strategy. And his cronies probably write those speaches FOR him.

My thoughts exactly.

And I had additional thoughts.

I wondered if the Holy Spirit will not in time use these very words he spoke to convict him? Could happen - it has happened before.

A notorious incident of this occurred when D.R.Van Sickle penned the song "All Hail, to Thee Immanuel". Here is a quote from cyberhymnal concerning Van Sickle: "D. R. Van Sick­le, 1910, alt. Van Sick­le, a non­be­liev­er, wrote the song to prove that one doesn’t have to be a Christ­ian to write a Christ­ian song. How­ev­er, God, with His great pa­tience, turned the ta­bles on him. Years lat­er, Van Sickle was sit­ting in a serv­ice where a choir sang his hymn. He came under con­vict­ion and gave his heart to Christ!"

Do you not just love that? I do.

Want to read the words? Here they are:

All hail to Thee, Immanuel, we cast our crowns before Thee;
Let every heart obey Thy will, and every voice adore Thee.
In praise to Thee, our Savior King, the vibrant chords of Heaven ring,
And echo back the mighty strain: All hail! All hail! All hail Immanuel!


Hail to the King we love so well! Immanuel! Immanuel!
Hail to the King we love so well! Immanuel! Immanuel!
Glory and honor and majesty, wisdom and power be unto Thee,
Now and evermore!
Hail to the King we love so well! Immanuel! Immanuel!
Hail to the King we love so well! Immanuel! Immanuel!
King of kings and Lord of lords, all hail, Immanuel!

All hail to Thee, Immanuel, the ransomed hosts surround Thee;
And earthly monarchs clamor forth their sovereign King to crown Thee.
While those redeemed in ages gone, assembled round the great white throne,
Break forth into immortal song: All hail! All hail! All hail Immanuel!


All hail to Thee, Immanuel, our risen King and Savior!
Thy foes are vanquished, and Thou art omnipotent forever.
Death, sin and hell no longer reign, and Satan’s pow’r is burst in twain;
Eternal glory to Thy Name: All hail! All hail! All hail Immanuel!

It is a beautiful song - I suggest you take a listen located at the site I referred to.


Sandra Miller

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In posting this thread, my thoughts were on two things: Who was doing the speaking on this subject of Jesus and What was said. The "who" concerned me because he's the leader of our nation and as such, what he says goes into the ears of many and not everyone is as discerning as we would hope. The "what" concerned me because to say that Jesus knew "doubt" demonstrates this leader's epic failure to appear knowledgable in a spiritual matter and gross underestimation of being called on it. I find it hard to believe that his advisors even let him speak what he did.

Anyhow, I'm grateful this article came to light because it made me delve into the Word and study Jesus's agony in the garden for myself. My own study coupled with the insight of bretheren here made this year's Good Friday the most meaningful day this Christian has experienced since becoming born again. Praise be to God!

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The "christian" left is no more or less apostate than the "christian" right.

Right you are! It's the formation of a political 'catholic' church, just under a different banner. The players and scenes have changed but it's the same spirit.

 2012/4/7 10:51


Jesus never experienced doubt, fear yes, but not doubt. Jesus knew His Father, He knew who God was.

Fear and doubt are not the same thing, though I can experience both at the same time. Jesus was never in doubt of His mission, He knew why He had to come, that was never the issue. The Second Adam had to experience what Adam experienced but through obedience, separation from God. If the first Adam had of endured and overcame the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the world would have looked a whole lot differently today. But it wasn't meant to go that way, it was designed that God would be that object of worship, hence no flesh shall glory in His presence. Adam had to be put away so that the Second Adam which is the Lord God from heaven would be that object of worship. The flesh having been done away with and sin being taken out of the way, God is honoured and worshiped through the man Christ Jesus. This was the Joy that was set before Him. So Jesus knew His calling, He knew what was in store for Him when He endured all these things. But at the same time He did experience fear and as I said in my previous post it was the fear of being separated. "Father Father why hast thou forsaken me". He had to be forsaken so that none of us would be. He had to die so we do not have to. Even though you and I have this wonderful knowledge, we also can fear when the time of our testing comes upon us, but that doesn't mean that we will fail, it just means that we are still in this body that is subject to fear.


 2012/4/7 11:35


I have no illusions in believing the President is a born again Christian. Despite whatever references he may make about Jesus it is probably for political theater. Yet, who knows other than Jesus himself, what may be in his heart. For sure he has heard the gospel from well known preachers. He has even sat under the preaching of a Southern Baptist Chaplain at Camp David.

We are commanded in 1 Tim.2:1-6 to pray for those in authority. Even for their salvation. When Paul wrote this one of the most depraved men in history ruled Rome. That was Nero. Compared to Nero the President is a saint.

Now I have asked if anyone thinks Mit Romney needs prayer for salvation. To my surprise no one has answered. What is even more surprising is Christians are willing to vote for a Mormon over Obama. Believers tell me that they would rather have a Mormon in the White House than Obana for another four years.

Such thinking is dangerous and I am concerned that Christians are taking leave of their senses in their desire to see Obana defeated. A Mormon in office is not what this country needs.

For the record. Mormonism is not evangelical Christianity. The Mormons, like the Moslems, do not believe in the God of the Bible. The Mormons do not hold to the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. The Mirmons are an offshoot if the Nasonic lodge. Most masons regard the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City as unofficial masonic temple. The signs and countersigns of the Mormons are masonic.

Mit Romney is a Mormon and probably a Mason of the highest order. If you Google Mit Romney and White Horse prophesy some interesting info turns up. Mormons believe that Mit Romney is the one who will save the Constitution.

Reports, though cannot be verified, is that the fifth floor of the Mormon Temple in Washington D.C. has a replica of the Oval Office equipped with the sane type of communications as the one in the White House. The idea being during a national emergency Romney could rule, oops I mean direct, the country.

I am no fan of Obama being in office for four more years. But at least we know where this man leans. Better the enemy you know. The greater deception would be for someone to come from the right and expouse so-called conservative values but deny Christ.

Jesus did warn us that Satan would try to decieve the elect if that were possible. We are on guard against a liberal humanist being the antichrist. But has it enver crossed our minds the antichrist could be one who sings America the Beautiful with the American flag at his back? Has it ever crossed our minds the antichrist could be a Republican? This could very we be the great satanic deception.

Bearmaster standing down

 2012/4/7 13:50

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Isaiah 42:4 "He will not be disheartened or crushed Until He has established justice in the earth; And the coastlands will wait expectantly for His law."


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I did a check on the web concerning Romney being a freemason and the results are not conclusive at all.

I also did a web check on Obama being a freemason and I got the same results: none conclusive.


Sandra Miller

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Thanks for the scripture, White-Stone. Psalm 2 is another beautiful one on this matter. Jesus was fully persuaded of His coming victory, and His faith never wavered. And even today, as the whole world wallows in sin and wickedness, He is not disheartened. Rather, he waits patiently (or rather, He laughs from His throne) until all His enemies be made his footstool.

I however do not doubt that as a man, he experienced grief, pain, sorrow etc.; emotions that exist because this is a fallen world. I do not doubt that these were His feelings in the garden of Gethsemane, where he told His disciples that He was exceedingly sorrowful, even to the point of death.

Anyway, while I know not all the dynamics of Christ's life on earth, I praise God for a wonderful savior, who is able and mighty to save. I praise God that even though my sin is very great, He took it upon Himself. He is the Lamb of God.

ginnyrose, I laughed at the story. In the end, God always wins!

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