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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Did Jesus Preach Paul's Gospel? John Piper

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 Did Jesus Preach Paul's Gospel? John Piper

Did Jesus Preach Paul's Gospel? John Piper

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 Re: Did Jesus Preach Paul's Gospel? John Piper

Yes, they preached the same Gospel.

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 Re: Did Jesus Preach Paul's Gospel? John Piper

I am yet to hear this message that you have included. But in my view there are many Christians especially those from Bible School who believe that Jesus preached different. It used to disturb me so much to hear such things because how can a man say he believes in Jesus and then say his teachings are not applicable to me? It makes no sense.

Then God gave me this light, people who believe in such blind teachings are those who cannot live according to the standard of Sermon on the Mount hence they wanted to totally discard it from their version of Gospel by saying it is old covenant. This is a lie because Sermon on the mount is all about internal purity, purity in thought life that any Law cannot achieve. Hence it is living by Spirit which is much higher standard than Law. Only a man under grace can live by Spirit. So it is no different from what Paul preached on Grace.


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