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I was moved with tears reading your testimony MJ. I remember just recently that I had a lump and I was all concerned too, having seen one Doctor that had me do two ultrasounds which raised my panic level and then when the test came back he poo poo'd me and I went to see another one for a second opinion and he told me that it's not cancer, most men have it and even said that he has one as well. But you know, before I went in I had a settled peace that everything was going to be alright. Over the years when these things would happen, I have never learned to be calm, I always think the worse and whatever it was I thought was so bad, had become so little and most times nothing.

Thank you for sharing your testimony.

 2012/4/4 21:31

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Glad to hear the report of the Lord precious sister! Thank Him that this turned out to be a praise report!


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So happy for you sister MaryJane. God bless you and praise the Lord.

 2012/4/4 23:12

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"So happy for you sister MaryJane. God bless you and praise the Lord."


Sandra Miller

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 Re: Please pray I need more tests and not sure what it means

Well i am late in reading this and it is late night and your tests all came back ok but this post was a small comfort to me cuz i had tests today too and some more coming up which i am fearful of. And i had/have to go all alone, as usual. But now i read your post and feel a tiny bit less alone.

WhiteStone and others made some good points, we should focus on others. While waiting at the lab for my blood test i saw at least 2 elderly couples who did not look in very good shape. One elderly man was on oxygen. They BOTH looked scared. It made me sad for them and i wanted to reach out somehow but did not know what to say. They got some of my focus but nonetheless i felt so incapacitated by my own miseries and physical weakness i couldnt find anything left to give. I then had to shut all thoughts of them out of my mind or i would just be crying for their suffering and doom all day and i am already overwhelmed. I also saw a younger,
overweight man who sat near me while his blood was being drawn and he looked scared or worried as well. I felt we were all nothing but sheep.

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Thank You Lord!

Love to you sister!


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