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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Please pray I need more tests and not sure what it means

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Joined: 2006/7/31
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 Please pray I need more tests and not sure what it means

So I just got off the phone and I have to go in for a second mammogram and possible ultra sound because they saw something in my last one that they did not like. I am kind of scared I will admit because I have been having some really awful pain on that side of my shoulder and underneath the arm for a few months now. I don't want to give into fear or panic so please I could really use prayer just now. I have to go back today at 2:10 for the other tests.

So if you feel led please remember me in your prayers today.

God Bless

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 Re: Please pray I need more tests and not sure what it means

Start praying right now for you maryjane.

shalom, browny

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 Re: Please pray I need more tests and not sure what it means

We will keep you close in our prayers today MaryJane. Stay comforted.



Mike Compton

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 Re: Please pray I need more tests and not sure what it means

Will be keeping this in prayer, Sister.
My Dr can't figure why I won't go for one of those tests. I don't want to know - we're in His Hands - you are and I am. Whether one goes for the test or not, we're His children and not a sparrow falls without His Will and HE is 'always' GOOD.

My heart goes out to you, and I know all the others here feel the same. You're a precious Sister to us all.
The LORD Loves you and underneath are His Everlasting Arms!

 2012/4/4 10:49

 Re: praying

Praying for healing and grace. xo..Tom

 2012/4/4 10:52

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New York

 Re: Please pray I need more tests and not sure what it means

Praying for you MaryJane

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Praying and hugs!

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North Central Florida


Dear MaryJane,

Do not give in to fear, everything is for the glory of Jesus. Imagine the opportunities to witness that will come through just the additional testing process. Most times, in our daily lives we are isolated from other people, When sitting and waiting for medical tests you are offered the chance to interact with people who are undergoing the same stress you are - but without the benefit of Jesus Holy Spirit living within them. How lonely they must be.

Being filled with His Spirit, submitting to Him in everything, He will be able to reach to them through you. (Please understand, it is the Spirit of God who does the work through you. This is not work for you to do, you are just the branch - Jesus is the vine.)

Through this experience you are serving Him, you have nothing to fear while in His service (it is all covered in the job description). Even if the diagnoses is bad there is much that can be done in treatment and I doubt any suffering involved can be anywhere as painful as crucifixion an revilement by the people you came to save.

I know you can get through this because I know Him. You and I have the same Holy Spirit within us, this is how Saints know one another. Praise Jesus and in everything give thanks, I do pray for you,
white stone


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Thank you all so very much. I went over for the mammogram and when I first arrived they showed me that I had a .5mm nodule/cyst that they felt needed a closer look. As I looked at the tiny little area on the x ray I just began praying and that JESUS be in control. Then they had me get ready to do the new set of pictures. I was so thankful because the entire area was clear. There was nothing there. The tech and the dr both said that it must have just been small shadowing or over lapping tissue on the last picture because it was completely clear now! They did not need to do any further tests and let me leave :)

I just give thanks to the Lord for all you dear brothers and sisters who took of your time to pray for me. I felt such peace today and it meant so much to me to read through these replies as I was in the waiting room. I know that I still have to go back to the other doctor to find out what is causing the pain in my shoulder and arm but I know HE will be with me.

White stone, your words were very encouraging to me. They also helped me to take the focus off of myself and look to find ways to be a servant to others. While I was at the office, there was an older lady there named Donna, she had hurt her hand and was getting an x ray to see if it was broke. Although I did not get to speak with her because she was taken back so quickly I did feel led to pray for healing in her hand and that it would not be broke.

Thank you all
God Bless

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Georgia, USA

 Re: Please pray I need more tests and not sure what it means

Praise the Lord! That is great news, sister!

Ryan Rutan

 2012/4/4 19:51Profile

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