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The posted questions compromise. As others have already said, we should not violate a good conscience, but we should discern first whether or not that conscience is pure or just influenced by tradition. We have all experienced actions that were not guided by Spirit but by flesh. The spirit speaks but if we are trying to accomplish obedience through the flesh (apart from the Spirit) it can look very unloving and seems to play itself out by a manufactured system of law that is well meaning, but nevertheless born in the flesh. Scripture speaks often of it. We will all have our own barometers for freedom but the substance that is the measure for the barometer will always be love.

I too must confess I did not know what Zumba was until I googled it. A mixture of many styles of dance including martial arts. I hope that does not entail kicking someone, as I have issue enough stepping on my wife's foot.. What if the dance is only for the married? Where in scripture do we see blessings on those who are not married yet imitate the union? David danced and it was good to all except Michal. Children dance in the streets and it is innocent but we are talking about the romantic physical dance enjoyed by the married couple who by design are allowed special physical contact. There is by design that which is reserved for the two that have become one in Christ. Do we even need to debate a style of dance that stokes fires that should not be kindled. Let the married couples take the dance floor and let those who are not married observe the lifetime commitment celebrated. It is after all, about dancing at a marriage celebration according to the original post. May married couples celebrate what God has ordained and designed for the rookies (just marrieds) as well as the seasoned veterans. May we dance with our sons and daughters teaching them when opportunities avail themselves. May all give praise to God knowing who He is and that He has given us such consideration.

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 Re: Dancing at weddings

Hi Deltadom,
I think you should just go ahead and dance if you feel like it.

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hi,if one would learn how to just get in the proper dance position they would realize that there is nothing sexy about is not dancing that is the problem it is the dancers and their perceptions of what dancing is all about.

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You should see me dance... there's nothing sexy about it. In fact, it could be argued that all one needs to do is see me dance and you'll never want to see anyone dance again!

You'll need to watch someone slaughter a pig to get the image out of your head.


 2012/4/11 11:24

 Re: Dancing at weddings

I dont know what to do.

be a light, be meek, be pure, be a blessing, love without agenda, make all envious as to the shalom peace that rests on you, pray for the newly married couple, break bread with others in joy.

 2012/4/11 11:49


be a light, be meek, be pure, be a blessing, love without agenda, make all envious as to the shalom peace that rests on you, pray for the newly married couple, break bread with others in joy.

And stay out of the wine!

...oh, wait, Jesus made water into wine at a wedding.


 2012/4/11 13:20


I know that The LORD is always watching us, but sometimes I believe we lose consciousness of that fact, for some strange reason. Maybe we get caught up in the moment?
Since I posted onto this thread - I thought about what I had written and, though I do think it's meant to make us smile - I do truly feel that there's some reality in it.
Whatever we decide to do, would we be willing for the Body here to see the video of it posted?
Still makes me smile, but I see some sense in it.
LORD, protect us from ourselves. Amen, and Thank You for the smile, knowing that You are watching over and out for us all!

 2012/4/11 13:43

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