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I agree with you Krispy. It all depends on how you want to live. Though my wife was working when we married, we structured our lifestyle in such a way so that she could quit and I would be able to support the family while she stayed home and homeschooled. It has worked out great but I understand that not everyone can do this. There are many that live above their means, but to be fair, there are also many that just need both sets of parents to work in order to have a lifestyle where needs are met and I am not talking about luxuries.

I do know some families where the wife does not work and they barely make it week to week. Because of this hardship, they can hardly concentrate on homeschooling as the mother is always doing other things in order to bring in money so she is actually absent from most homeschooling duties. The kids are protected from the wolves, and getting a good education about life and the Lord, but maybe not so good about the 3 R's.

There are so many mentalities regarding this. I know parents who both have a college education, have 6 kids, mother does not work (she homeschools) and husband has his own business. Problems are: His business is not doing very well, but has a mental block about working for others. Next problem: Have communicated to their kids that the college system is corrupt and overpriced and has discouraged their kids from college. They tell their kids to be apprentices and start their own business. This is not so palatable to the kids since their father's business is always a struggle. This entire world is corrupt, but God is able to keep us and protect us while we use this world's system and not get sucked in by it.

How many of us work for worldly companies (as opposed to Christian ministries)? How many of us went to college, go to business conferences, etc., and the Lord keeps us?

It's sad, because their kids are always so "down" and discouraged. No great visions or goals and kids should have these.

There are ways you can get through college without going in debt. There are grants, community college, or even take 6 years to complete 4.

Decisions that have to do with a marriages or raising a family are so personal, I really never offer my opinion unless someone asks how we are doing things. We mind our own business. There are families in our house church where I would definitely not do what they are doing, but I also never bring my private disagreements up in conversations. It's their marriage, their family, their business and everyone should have the opportunity to learn what works and what does not. Besides, what is good for my family may not work for theirs. However, we have gotten comments about letting our daughter go to college or even about how we are spending our money (remodeling, vacations, etc.).

Sadly, many Christians get a little bit of Bible truth and then they become experts and in becoming experts they then become meddlers in other families' business and they have so much more problems in their own families to take care of. But, they have their doctrines on raising families, or working for themselves, all sewed up and think every body else should be doing the same thing.

That is why I frankly stay away from Christians that have taken the Bible and codified it. They now have a 3 ring binder and can find a tab in their binder for every subject related to Family Life, Marriage, Working, Church Life, Finding a Mate, etc, etc.

They live by that 3 ring binder and they don't live by the Spirit. I think people like that are trouble because they will forever be superimposing their 3 ring binder on your actions and lifestyle. In our house church we all have problems, who doesn't, but thank the Lord, we don't have any 3 ring binders!! Hallelujah. Been there, done it, got the tee shirt.

On the other hand, you could actually just take verses in Proverbs and make a good case that it is scriptural to homeschool your kids. I saw someone do that one time and it was quite impressive. Unfortunately, he used it like a hammer on people. People use Scripture as a hammer in many other types of subjects, too (as we often discover on SI). Should we be hammering one another?

Christian schools can be bad, too. My brother-in-law learned about drugs in "Christian schools".

One really has to be close to their kids and involved with them and raising them in the love of God. And above all pray and trust the Lord no matter what your situation is.

I've known many dysfunctional homeschool families and public school families but I have also known many of them that are not. My oldest is in community college and made the International Honor Society. She is running as for an officer in the society because she found out that she can get a scholarship for her 3rd and 4th year of college by being an officer in the Honor Society. She is determined to get her degree, debt free. She loves the Lord, has a few Christian professors and many of her homeschool friends stayed local and are going to the same community college.

We are first generation homeschoolers and I bet many on SI are too. Well, the Lord saved us, didn't He and we were raised in public schools. Wow! Imagine that! But, I do know that public schools have gotten so very bad and they take liberties with the material they want to teach our kids. Plus, you don't know how other families are raising their kids and that is where kids learn the most. From their peers. And people have thrown off restraint today. We did not have Internet or Cable growing up. Many families have those and no controls so pre-teens know things I never knew until into my late teens or 20's and they are transmitting this knowledge to each other everyday.

Young kids are not mature in their emotions and are certainly not missionaries just because their parents are Christians. That is absurd. It's and interesting experiment being first time homeschoolers. I have noticed my kids have independent spirits and think for themselves and are not easily swayed by peer pressure which is a good thing. They go to a 1 day a week Homeschool coop to augment their homeschooling. Sixty families! So 60 mothers have a lot of different degrees and many subjects are offered. AP Chemistry, Algebra I and II, AP Biology, Writing and even one mother was a geneticist and teaches Bio-genetics which most high schools don't even have. Homeschool coops are great if you can find some around your area. Leverage the knowledge that all these mothers have. So many families are homeschooling these days that you can find many coops in medium to large cities or in their suburbs.

Overall, in today's climate, of course I would homeschool. But, I recognize that many cannot.


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Most homeschool families in our area homeschool through high school. I only know one family that did not. When their kids reached the 9th grade they went to public high school.


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I shouldnt be quite so dogmatic. Of course there are situations that people find themselves in where they both have to work. But I believe the vast majority of people in those situations are there because of poor decision making, livnig above their means, etc.

Of course I am not addressing situations like single moms, etc and situations like that.

The vast majority could make it work if they were willing to make the sacrifices necessary.

I love the rest of what you wrote, bother! Excellent stuff.


 2012/3/28 16:36

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