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So very glad!! Praise the Lord!

 2012/3/29 19:50Profile

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Thank you brothers and sisters!

It is so very helpful to let our brothers and sisters that are going through severe trials know that we love them and are praying for them.

When I first heard the news from the Urologist that I had cancer of the prostate, it was like all hell began to assult my mind with fear. At the very onset I resisted this fear and got into the Word until my soul was at peace. This was not just one battle but a series of battles.

I began to believe God for healing, but also sought Him for wisdom as to how I was to proceed. For about a 4 or 5 month period I cut out all red meat, sugar, and as much as I could, preservatives out of my diet. I also went to M.D. Anderson for a second opinion. The local Urologist seemed to be pushing me to have surgery, and this really turned me off so that I no longer went to see him. The doctors at M.D. Anderson gave me three options. One was to have my prostate removed, the other one was radiation, and the last one was to monitor my condition closely with P.S.A. tests and biopsy. It was the second biopsy that was taken just 6 months after the first one that indicated that there was no cancer present. There were many people praying for me, and the diet that I went on certainly did not hurt, because I lost 15 pounds and felt better physically. God gets all the glory in this!

I would encourage anyone that is going through something like this to pray and get the mind of the Spirit on whatever you are dealing with. Don't just go blindly on what the doctors say. Do your homework, committ yourself to God, not leaning on your own understanding.

God still heals today supernaturally and sometimes by natural means, but in all things we give Him all glory, honor, and praise for He is good and His mercy endures forever.



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