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 reaction to movie recently released

Edit: it was suggested to me to change the title of my thread because of some confusion. So I did :)

I have been troubled by this new movie that has come out adapted from the book, The Hunger Games. I have not seen the movie, nor have I read the book but I do know some young ones who have and have talked about it in great detail enough to understand the plot and how the story unfolds. It is a very heart wrenching story about the lasting horrors of war and the effects it can have on people. It speaks about, out of control government, and how the media can be used to sway people. The story itself is as brutal as the roman coliseums/gladiators were, in this case though all participants are children. I think what troubles me is how the younger population seems to be responding to this book/movie. Instead of understanding the message of how terrible and brutal the story portrays these "games" there are many young people who seem desensitized to the violence and the reaction seems to be one of "how awesome" the main character is...The media, and entertainment industry is also making this a very huge deal. There is already a doll, makeup line, cook book, and other mass products being marketed. I realize the world is only doing what it does but still the reactions by younger ones is still surprising to me. I wonder has any one found this to be so? Have others noticed other reactions then my own? Almost seems on some level we have come around full circle to where Rome once was??

Before I share more I just wanted to add that in bringing this topic forward I am not attempting to give an opinion on the book/movie itself just more wondering about the reactions others have noticed from young people. I know there are many here who may not have heard of this book/movie and do not follow these kind of topic so I am not trying to offend anyone.

God Bless

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 Re: reaction to movie recently released

i been hearing and hearing about this film, but 'something' had me ignoring it. so i just went to the youtube trailer, and to me, it's more of the same of how vile and dark and sick this world is becoming.

Things and events seem to be picking up speed, globally, and to me it seems that 98% of the films offered are just vile AND BORING junk. Films had been my life, its how i made my money, now i'm OUT! in fact, last year i only saw two films i liked, "Moneyball", coz i love baseball, and a powerful film entitled "Winter's Bone", about a very tough courageous young woman, played ironically by the female lead in "Hunger Games" Jennifer Lawrence. i dont blame Jennifer, she got an oscar nomination for "Winter's Bone", and they probably offered her a hefty paycheck for this old mess, hunger games, its hard to earn a living as an actor.

off topic, my 16 year old son is a chip off the old block, and i'm getting so sickened by the mess offered up, i decided i'm going to write him a 57 minute radio drama, portraying a 16 year old Dwight David Eisenhower, growing up in Abilene Kansas, trying to grasp hold of his destiny. Ike's always been one of my favorite Presidents, and i been reading everything on the man, and i just so admire him the more i read and get to know the man. His family were Mennonites and prayer and Bible reading were part and parcel of family life, so a small stake radio drama is the kind of story I WANT to hear, and maybe its kind of the directional push my son needs, he WANTS to portray young Ike, pray for my pen dear sister, and be encouraged, the devil always over plays his hand, the lake of fire awaits ole slue foot, in Jesus' love, neil

 2012/3/26 17:32

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Greetings neil

you said:so i just went to the youtube trailer, and to me, it's more of the same of how vile and dark and sick this world is becoming.


That was along the lines of what my reaction was as I sat listening to some young people share about it. I did not say much just listened. I kept thinking how terrible this story is and yet they found it to be so entertaining? I think you are right it is a sign of where the world is heading and perhaps a reflection of just how far it has already come...

Thank you for sharing your insights with me Neil, I will pray for you in your writing endeavor with your son.

God Bless

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