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 Suit Alleges Financial Fraud at TBN

The Crouches have 13 mansions, a $50m jet for Paul and a $100k motor home for Jan's dogs. Now their own granddaughter is blowing the whistle on rampant financial fraud at TBN.

Wayne Kraus

 2012/3/25 16:07Profile

 Re: Suit Alleges Financial Fraud at TBN

Sorry, but This should surprise no one at all.
T.B.N. - Talking Bout Nuthin
Everything that can be shaken shall be shaken, & let judgement begin at the house of God

 2012/3/25 21:04


Oh my... are you serious?? I simply can not believe any of this.

(April Fools a week early!)

To be honest, I truly hope that this is the beginning of the downfall of TBN. Scandal and corruption has been the reputation of that place since it's inception, and they are the #1 transport of a wicked false gospel around the world, bar none.

And something else... shame on the CHURCH for not being the ones to expose TBN. Instead it will be lawyers and government officials and the secular media.

The CHURCH has some guilt in this for being too spineless and/or too ignorant to deal with this cancerous monster years ago. This is exactly what happens when Christians do not know or understand sound doctrine, or if they do they dont stand for sound doctrine. Garbage like TBN is allowed to go on and on for decades... rotting and smelling like rancid meat, and everyone knows it but wont do anything about it.

I say let TBN fall... hard. But shame on the CHURCH for not causing it to happen years ago. Some will say that this scandal will be a black on the church, but I say the black eye wont be from the scandal; it will be from not doing anything about it. Thats called being an accessory to a crime.

Men like John MacArthur have been warning the church about this since the late 1970's... and most Christians have just laughed at him and shrugged it off. What do ya know... he was right.


 2012/3/26 5:56

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 Re: Suit Alleges Financial Fraud at TBN

Family attacking family, the gloves are off. God have mercy. Lord, reveal YOUR TRUTH in this matter.
From Charisma Magazine:

TBN Responds to Articles, Allegations Concerning Network Finances

“The soundness and veracity of these stories are completely undermined when you realize that they depend almost exclusively upon accusations from individuals who admitted they had embezzled and misappropriated over $1 million from the network, and its companion ministry, International Christian Broadcasting,” May explained. “And the most heartbreaking fact is that the wife of one of the central figures in that misappropriation is the granddaughter of TBN’s founders, Paul and Jan Crouch.”


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This is TBN's MO. They've done this for years. The Crouch's are the victims, and whoever is investigating them or ratting them out or shining the light is the spawn of Satan.

Keep in mind these are TBN's payrolled attorney's that are responding. You dont really think these guys are gonna come out and say "Yep... we looked into it and the accusations are true!"

I remember when the whole Jim Bakker / PTL Club thing went down... if you go back and read aticles about it from that period of time in the Charlotte Observer you will see almost word for word the same things being said by that "ministry"'s attorneys.

"Life changing" broadcasting. Yea, I guess it can be life changing when you get fleeced... lol.


 2012/3/27 10:50

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