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 A message re: the chip & a search engine that hides you.

This message is fantastic information from a Christian. If you dont want to hear her cancer testimony and get right to the info. go 1/4 the through. This is amazing.

Also, it was suggested that instead of using google who collects all our info. we can use a new search engine

We will still get our info. but they wont see who it is searching for it.

The mp3 will explain it all.

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 Re: A message re: the chip & a search engine that hides you.

Thank you for this!!

God bless,


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 Re: A message re: the chip & a search engine that hides you.

What about Mozilla and IE? Do they track people too?

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They all track you, and on top of that... so does your IP. All anyone needs is a court order and the government can access every single thing you have done online.

The government now also has the capability to monitor every email sent... under the guise of fight terrorism.

Every cell phone, iPhone, etc has a gps on it... you can be tracked where ever you are as long as you have your phone on you. Cars come with gps tracking now too, under the guise of keeping you safe when you break down.


 2012/4/5 8:37

 Re: A message re: the chip & a search engine that hides you.

Interesting. So acts like a proxy cloud, I am behind one cloud and startpage is the proxy and google hides behind another cloud and we never see one another, cool.

 2012/4/5 10:54

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I think and are also fairly private search engines. The latter looks strangely similar to startpage sans the google-enhanced icon.


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In fact the Affordable Health Care Act commonly known as Obama Care has a mandate to start chopping people with a bio chip that contains their medical and financial information. Already health care facilities are under Federal mandate to go wireless. And there is the rest of the story. Fill in the blanks.......

 2012/4/5 19:29


It would be so easy to be blissfully ignorant and dismiss this stuff as right wing paranoiaa. I mean RFID chips. Ok. But given what Congress did last Dec. One has to be concerned.

Congress passed the National Defence Authorization Act. In essence the act revokes Passe Comitatas. Passe Comitatas says American military forces will never be used on American soil against other American citizens. Yet the President declared American citizens to be potential terrorists and turned the U S into a terrorist battleground. Because of the war on terror U S military forces can be mobilized and deployed during times of martial law. Congressional and executive orders give the President the right to declare martial law. At this point all the President needs is the possible threat to national security and martial law can be declared.

During a declaration of martial law habeous corpus and the Constitution are suspended. Americans who are suppected of being enemies of the state can be taken to places of internment. If the situation is really dire perhaps execution.

Let me say that the U S already has a precedent for locking up their own citizens without due process. By executive order Franklin Delano Roosavelt deprived over 100,000 Japaneese Americans of their rights and locked them into internment centers. The U S Supreme Court said this was legal. Somehow the Constitution did not apply to second and third generation American Japaneese. So because one is an American does not mean their rights cannot be deprived by executive order.

Since 9/11 the U S has supported secret prisons around the world and maintains Guantanamo in Cuba. We say the prisons are for terrorist. Mainly Islamic terrorist. In recent years the U S has conducted raids at Ruby Ridge and Waco. We say those were wacked out cults. But who defines a cult?

We are already living in a hostile antichristian environment in the U S. When communities pass regulations that forbid Bible studies in homes or people are fired from jobs for being Christian this is only the tip of the iceberg. When you look at the NDAA or the chip. It's implication for believers. The idea of FEMA camps with guillotines or box cars with shackles is not so far fetched.

Bearmadter standing down.

 2012/4/5 20:13

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Pretty scary...I'm glad God is still on the throne!! Hallelujah!!


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Just out of curiosity, why does it matter that Google knows what we're searching for?

 2012/4/6 6:21

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