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hi, people that think that churches are money pits do not understand that most churches are two weeks from bankruptsy. we had a storm in la. after katrina and the electric co. had a hard time getting things started up quickly and our home church had to give offerings to a number of local bodies to keep them going.we are not an organization but an organism that is alive in Christ.jimp

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most churches are two weeks from bankruptcy

So long as the money exists “eternally” there is no sense of this fragile finitude. It’s also worth noting that a vibrant spirit-filled church assembly is no more than one generation away from spiritual bankruptcy - regardless of its bank account or worship habits. Churches with money can survive for generations without seeing this - until the members are all dying off.



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 Re: CHURCHES Face FORECLOSURE - What Meaneth This?

Why should we be surprised that churches are going through foreclosure? Many of her own members are with their personal homes. The way many churches have handled their finances corporately are no different than how many are handling it individually. Be careful to avoid being a cynic. Many of you who have a mortgage are just a couple pay checks away from foreclosure yourselves.

Many churches may have built massive sanctuaries with a "build it and they will come" mentality. But many of you built big and bought a larger house than you could reasonably afford as well. And you did it for equally as carnal reasons. Which is why many of you took out a 30 year mortgage in order to finance your dream home. If you had to take a 30 year mortgage out in order to afford a home, let's be real, you bought too much home, and should have settled for something less.

And I don't say this in any way to be mean. I'm just trying to bring us back to reality. I say it with the perspective of somebody who works for one of the largest banks in the nation, crunching the finances of people who are facing foreclosure, if somehow I might help them save their homes.

And as a side note, it is interesting to see how the church I go to has done since the economic downturn. Our numbers are up across the board. Not only is the Lord adding to our church, but giving is up, and we have recently launched a second campus about 20 miles away. We initially took a loan out for $500,000 to finance it initially. The saints were so generous in their giving that we paid for it in less than a month (or annual intake is only 4 million dollars by the way). We have it as our goal now to pay down all of our church debt within 2 years, so we can dedicate all of that extra money to world missions. Oh yeah... we also scraped together an additional 50 grand to fund a massive church planting effort in a third world country in the past month too.

It's amazing to see how God gives the increase, and that the oil never runs out.

Jimmy H

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