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 God wants to Restore and Revive me Again !!!

God wants to RESTORE and REVIVE
And put Humpty Dumpty, back together again, after the great fall.
Psalms 85:4 " Restore" us again O God, our Savior.
God will return us to our original, usable functioning condition 2 Tim 2:21
He will bring back and Restore putting together what was torn and broken

Psalms 85:6. Will you not " Revive " Us Again.
God will bring us back to life, and strengthen us again.
Restoring and energizing us from a depressed inactive or unused state.

Spiritual life are dependent on God imparting to us his mercy, and
Forgiveness. Psalms 85:2 You forgave the iniquity of your people
And covered ALL their sin. By the Grace of God,
He will Restore and Revive me Again. Praise the Lord!!!!

 2012/3/19 12:08

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 Re: God wants to Restore and Revive me Again !!!

Excellent point! It is clearly stated in the 23rd Psalm, Verse 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

His yoke is light. Praise Jesus!


 2012/3/19 17:05Profile


Thank you White_Stone, I like that, when we become discouraged, the good Shepherd revives and re-energizes my soul through his power and grace. Psalms 42:11

 2012/3/19 17:25

 Re: God wants to Restore and Revive me Again !!!

No offense intended toward you, soulwon, but you may want to read Greg's post to this thread ...

Don't want anyone feeling singled out.

 2012/3/19 18:16


Thank you Jesus-is-God, good stuff!!!

 2012/3/19 19:08

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