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In the larger picture, I must agree with you, all we can do in the face of this prejudice is to try not adding to it by our own behavior.

Thanks Diane,


Mike Compton

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Celina, Texas


Just great, yet another study that will give support to my wife saying to me, "have you lost your mind?"

I cannot help but likening the true intellect with a maze. Before rebirth, one is in the maze, not discerning where one direction leads over another. The rebirth brings one out of the maze and distances them from it. This new positioning gifts them the full overview of the entire maze and its futility, a spiritual intellect no man can attain apart from being born again.

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 Re: Study: "Born Again" Linked to Brain Atrophy

I checked this article out and emailed the link to my brother-in-law who is a college professor in the biological sciences. He has also done some research and had papers printed.


Here is Roman's reply to my inquiry which I consider to be trust-worthy.

"Conclusions seem valid for this cluster of selected patients. However, the correct interpretation or explanation for these findings remains elusive. Surveys (especially a small one like this one) frequently try to demonstrate trends and but are difficult to support with additional studies.

I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep over this one…."


Sandra Miller

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I wouldn’t lose a lot of sleep over this one…."


It was thoughtful of you to seek Roman’s insight on our behalf. His advice is helpful. After all, if such an inconclusive report gets God’s people all bent out of shape – defensive and paranoid, interpreting it as a sure sign the world is ending – will maybe that would merely help validate their conclusions. And we wouldn’t want to do that, right!?

No need to lose sleep over it! On the other hand - it's a good reminder that when such a negative report surfaces in the media over someone we disfavor - we aught not to accept it too hastily either.



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