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 The Theatre Of Life

Recently, I was overwhelmed with the theatrical nature of our existence on this earth. The things which we see are temporal. The things that we do not see are eternal. Like scenery on the stage of a theater, with one little shove, it can all fall down so quickly and a person’s life can be in all new scenery within moments. Almost all human beings are expert actors. Nobody really knows the real person, until there is a change of scenery that forces the person to reveal his true character. That explains the high divorce rate. “He/she is not what I thought he/she was”.

Any truly wealthy young man seeking a companion would go to painful measures to make sure that his girlfriend wasn’t interested in him for his wealth primarily. Either he would seek a girlfriend that was just as wealthy as he, or if he liked a middle-class girl, he would present himself as middle-class and hide his true wealth until the relationship strengthened.

God, in His infinite wisdom has placed us all on a stage where it APPEARS to many that the very idea of God is absurd and foolish. Although inherently we somehow know that he exists, He demands that we choose to believe Him before He will reveal His wealth to any of us. He owns the stage. He made the props. He allows the existence of all kinds of characters to play their parts in such a way that we can be convinced (if we choose to be) that He doesn’t exist, or that we do not have any moral responsibility to Him (our maker). The majority of actors on the stage deny his claims over our lives. He even goes to the extent of placing those who choose to believe in Him in scenes that could make it appear that He even hates them. One such character Job was in such a dismal scene but still stated: “though He slays me yet will I trust Him”.

God has ALL power. He owns ALL that exists. He can do ANYthing. He TRULY loves ALL, yet He has placed us on a stage where He is portrayed by the actors as a brutal unloving uncaring unjust tyrant. If we live out our pilgrimage on this stage and still choose to love and adore Him, we will enjoy His wealth and pleasure for all eternity (the REAL thing not just stage props soon to be destroyed). If we choose to go with the flow and follow the actors around us, we lose out, and spend eternity with the master actor loser who hates us while he is courting us with promises that he cannot deliver.

If we never come to the place where we surrender our act, and get real with Him, then He could never trust us with the wealth of Heaven.

Michael Strickland

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