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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Getting discourged

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Some great responses here. Very encouraging.

Bless you Krispy for sharing, and also to everyone for their thoughtful responses.


Mike Compton

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 Re: Getting discourged

Hey brother I can relate I am in consrtuction and that is basically all that I know. It is a very hard time. I will pray that He will give you your daily bread and His storng arm to encourage you.

 2012/3/11 14:23Profile


Your in my prayers brother.

 2012/3/12 9:03


What is your Trade?

Structural design and engineering.


 2012/3/12 9:41

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Nottingham, England



I was wondering if it's ok to ask for an update on how things are going?


God bless.

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"I was wondering if it's ok to ask for an update on how things
are going?"

And I am wondering as well...

Do pray for you as the LORD reminds me...


Sandra Miller

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I, too, am praying and wondering how you are doing....

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 Re: Getting discourged

After reading just the first page of this thread, I had to respond. I am praying regarding this dear Brother. I remember your death of self and your growth in Christ from years ago. Glory to God.

On the practical concrete things.

Health: high BS (blood sugar) results in tiredness, sense of depression. You should know and rule out the physical factors. Nearly all Type 2 diabetics can manage BS through diet (google Blood Sugar 101). Look forward to your garden produce.

Work: Did you know that flagmen earn $26.00/hr.+ with union health care coverage. Character matters a great deal in construction, as you know. You are equipped to qualify.

In His Love

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Celina, Texas


I do want you encouraged my brother. Things do get difficult in trials and tests and we pray that your faith and trust be strengthened. DO KNOW THAT THOSE WHO SUFFER DIFFICULTIES ARE OFTEN AN ENCOURAGE TO THE SAINTS WHO DO NOT SUFFER THE SAME, although we all face our own trials, in some form or fashion. Seems rather strange that it is often the reverse of how we would think these things should happen, but then again, that does seem very consistent with the ways of God.

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Wow, there are some amazing testimonies on this thread. I'm sorry you feel discouraged Krispy. Been there. I don't know your first name, can i have it to pray for you? I would just feel awkward asking for "Krispy Kritter"

I have had to just let go of the edge of the cliff i was hanging onto and just throw myself on God. So far I am still here. If we are His children is it not His job to provide for us? Otherwise how could He call us His children and not be ashamed before the World? For even lost men provide for their own.

By the sound of it you are going to have a great reference from your last job when God decides to place you in your new one. And it sounds like you made a good witness while you were there. Try to enjoy your time off. The more you enjoy it the more likely you are to have to go back to work too soon cuz that just seems to be the way the world works. Perhaps try a new hobby? Or volunteer?

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