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 Re: Jim, you pricked my heart!

i feel terrible, because i feel i failed you as a brother, and dont remember what you're referencing, and forgive for wrote

I already knew that Neil, since you never emailed me when I asked you to in a different thread. I wish nothing but the best for you in Christ Jesus. If you ever find it "worth it" to talk to me I would rather it be by email or phone and not on a public forum.

that tears me up, to think YOU would think i dont find YOU "worth" talking to? Banish that thought and please forgive are "worth" that Blood that cleanses from all sin, and you are worth my love and respect, as is each other follower of Messiah, so please...please, jog my might have been the swirl of life blinded me to your request, but i feel just terrible, again, i pray you forgive me, i am so sorry, neil

 2012/3/8 20:38

 Re: not me Jim

"Now, vis-a-vis Iran and Israel is much different story, and as a Jew who follows Jesus, just remember Messiah wept over the City, and read Romans 9, Paul's anguished cry over his people."

I have never counted you in that mix of religious right brother. I recognize and respect your heart for your brethren in the flesh to be saved under the blood of Christ with you. If I read the scriptures correctly many will in the last days. Thank you for writing me back regardless. I have always appreciated your zeal for the Lord even when disagreeing with you in the past. Know that I count you as a friend and brother in Christ. I think I said it about 5 years ago on this very forum - but if you are ever up in Detroit look me up...

In Christ -Jim

 2012/3/8 20:45



I was talking about one of the first threads I posted on since I came back to SI after a couple years off. I mentioned some things the Lord had shown me here and you said to just come out and say it - not beat around the bush and talked about your recent time in the wilderness reading the prophets. I shared some similar things the Lord had been doing in my life and said it would make my day in the Lord if you wanted to email me sometime. I really wish the PM feature was on SI for times like this so we could talk in private!
God bless you brother - Jim

 2012/3/8 20:48

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Hi Jim,


To be fair to the gentiles they have killed a lot of other people in the name of "jesus" too. Lots of arabs have been slaughtered ("god" bless america) in the name of "jesus" by our country. The pope and his satanic armies killed both jew and arab along with gentile believers that would not bow their knee to that antichrist.

While I agree with the notion that much wrong has been done "in the name of Jesus" (incorrectly claiming as much), your assessment about the Crusades is part of the popular revisionist approach to the topic. The crusades were less about marching under the pope's direction into Jerusalem (and surrounding area) as it was a response to Muslim conquests over the previous two to three centuries.

At that point, Muslims had marched through Europe and conquered certain areas -- reaching as far as the Iberian peninsula (Portugal and Spain). The Crusades were a response to those military conquests under a once-united Roman Empire. It is incorrect to suggest that it was nothing more than a "religious" response. It was a military response by nations that were partially occupied by Muslims at a time when some of those Muslim groups were considering even further expansion of territory.

While the Crusades were a dark time in history and a corrupt anti-christ pope was a central instigator (or overseer) of certain aspects of them, the motivation was derived out of a territorial dispute at a time when the entire European continent was under the spell of the corrupt church in Rome. However, that corrupt pope was fighting against another corrupt army that was fighting and expanding in the name of religious and physical world domination.


When it comes to americas killing, it is supported by the christian right - the same group that promotes nation state worship. I stay far away from that. Jesus said lay down your lives for your enemies. He did not say take up arms for nation state isreal, let alone some nation state america. Is it because I believe Christians are to serve King Jesus and love our enemies that I am at odds with everyone here?

Brother Jim, I know that the idea of the "christian right" is foreign to you, but the world gladly lumps you together with them. If you were to tell individuals what you believe, they would place you in the same category as the rest of them. The only difference to many of them is that you might not stand in the way to what it is that they want to accomplish (if you don't believe that it is acceptable for believers to vote).

At the same time, I know individuals who would certainly fit within your definition of the "Christian right." They participate in elections, policy decisions and even public office. They support one candidate over another. The loudly oppose certain issues (like abortion, homosexual marriage or taxpayer funded smut) that are pushed as "liberties" by certain politicians. However, I think that it is unwise to assert that they "promote nation state worship."

It is one thing to pray for your nation...and even participate in a manner that you hope will make this nation better for such a time as this. This isn't "worship" of a nation. After all, I "participate" in a job, provide for my family, pay my taxes and obey the laws of the land. At the same time, I don't feel that this is necessarily "unspiritual."

There is also a difference in regard to your citizenship. In the New Testament, slaves were instructed to obey their masters (Colossians 3:22). Now, we could easily argue that they can't have "two masters." However, it is obvious that they have one spiritual master and one in the flesh of this life.

I know that there is a "non-resistance" segment who claim to oppose all forms of resistance (other than, perhaps, rhetorical). However, if someone were to attack my wife...or your wife...or a child...or an elderly person...I would do whatever necessary (in ascending order of escalation) in order to stop it. I wouldn't just pray or preach to the woman who is being attacked or her attacker. If the situation merited immediate physical response, I think that I would feel no problem stepping forward and resisting a physical assailant. Hopefully, this would never happen. And, of course, I would likely cry out to God during the entire ordeal. However, I would gladly lay down my life for my friends.

There are believers who serve King Jesus, love our enemies yet still feel that they are at liberty (even as believers) to share their voice in elections, policy decisions or even public service.

You are completely entitled to whatever opinion that you may have on such issues. However, please understand that there are many believers who are totally in love with the Lord and seek above all to please Him in all things, yet still feel the liberty to participate in things that you might not feel is expedient or even proper.

I have wrestled with whether or not to vote at times -- but this was often because of what individuals here at SermonIndex have said. I prayed long and hard about what I read...yet still felt that liberty to vote (or even voice my views). And, of course, I have only done so after much prayer, study and contemplation.

As always, may the Lord guide us in His ways. May His thoughts be our thoughts in all of this.


 2012/3/8 21:03Profile

 Re: oh Jim

please again, forgive excuses, but during that period the world intruded..... let me know when you get it, so i can edit it out, in Jesus' love, neil

 2012/3/8 21:55

 Re: oh Jim

got it - will send this weekend. Should I not have my email on my account info around here?

 2012/3/8 21:58

 Re: good.......

you got my email addy, i edited it out, look forward to hearing from you, in Jesus love and me love, neil

 2012/3/8 22:02

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I’ve notice you have jumped in on a couple of threads with strong language after I have posted taking something I have wrote out of context of mine original intent never asking me to clarify anything just accusing me. I don’t know you and you definitely don’t know me but I just thought I would comment about it but not in condemnation.

Your writings are strong and straight forward concerning the wrongs and idolatries over many people posts that you seem to see. You seem to see a red flag of idolatry in so many people’s posts and it is obvious that you hate idolatry as well as I and many others on here do also but you seem to go overboard about everything.

I just hope you would stop and take inventory because if we are not careful focusing so much on idolatry and ranting and raving about it all the time can become an idol that would kill our love for the Lord and His people and damage our effectiveness as His witness. Sometimes we should just back off and refocus praying for God to fill us a fresh with the Holy Spirit and ask for wisdom on how to lead and teach others the spiritual things of God without so much harshness and judgmental words toward everyone that has posted something that seems to raise a red flag that you feel you must address.

There you go I said it and don’t worry I know you don’t know me but I’m not above being corrected and if you think I’m wrong then please enlighten me. I pray for you and hope you will pray for me also.

Blessings to you!

 2012/3/8 22:42Profile



I have dozens of posts recently and I can only remember seeing your name on a couple of those threads (though I wasnt really looking). The only thing I quoted from you here is "He spake brought a sense of emotion in me that made tears well up in my eyes with admiration of love and respect". I didnt even include your name on the quote because I did not want to play the man, but the ball.

"so much harshness and judgmental words toward everyone that has posted something that seems to raise a red flag that you feel you must address."

This over generalization makes me question your motives in writing these things. I see you want to play the man and not the ball?

"There you go I said it and don’t worry I know you don’t know me but I’m not above being corrected and if you think I’m wrong then please enlighten me. I pray for you and hope you will pray for me also."

You wont even discuss the issue but only write subtle lies to discredit what I have said. If you want to discuss the re-occuring theme of patriotic idolatry and its stronghold in american evangelical circles please let me know. Beyond that your word of correction seems feigned at this point. I am not accusing you, just sharing how I see them.. blessings, Jim

 2012/3/8 23:26

Joined: 2003/11/23
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Hi Jim,


You wont even discuss the issue but only write subtle lies to discredit what I have said. If you want to discuss the re-occuring theme of patriotic idolatry and its stronghold in american evangelical circles please let me know.

Maybe you could further explain what you mean by "patriotic idolatry." It is easy to say such things...and for many people to agree due to the ambiguous nature of what you say. After all, everyone opposes "idolatry." However, you haven't actually defined what you mean by the term.



 2012/3/8 23:57Profile

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