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 Kony 2012

I have recently seen an explosion of a think called Kony 2012. I highly recommend to the least watching the documentary these individuals put together.

The movements one and only goal is to stop a man named Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA. He has brought about great injustice to Uganda and its people. Essentially from what I could understand is he kidnaps children forces the boys into his army and uses the girls as sex slaves or currency. Visit the sight and if you wish show them some support to the very least sharing the documentary or having some kind of dialogue with friends and family about this. Thanks :)

Matthew Guldner

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 Re: Kony 2012

This came up at Bible Study the other night and I haven't seen it yet, but someone else who did said it occured to them half ways through the video that people in North America were so concerned about these 30000 children, when on the other hand millions of babies are murdered in their mother's womb's right here. While the Kony 2012 project seemed like a good cause to them, they also looked at it in the context of a bigger picture.

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