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 Making Assumptions

We need to be careful on here that we play the ball, not the man. I know there have been times when I have failed at this myself, so there is no condemnation coming from me. I would just caution everyone to be very careful about making assumptions about people on here.

Sometimes we make assumptions about what someone is trying to say. We may not read what they have posted very carefully, or skimmed over it. Then we draw the wrong conclusion about it.

Sometimes we make assumptions about people's attitudes. Think about how foolish that is when almost none of us has ever even seen a picture of others on here, not to mention meet face to face or hear their voice.

Sometimes we make assumptions about people's motives or intentions. We can not judge anothers heart, especially someone we've never met.

Sometimes we make assumptions about what people believe. That happened to me this morning. That is particularly disturbing.

Greg has often said it, and I get it now. This forum is not a church. Those of us here who have been saved by God are part of the church universal, but this forum is NOT like a local church. How do I know this? Because there is not a single person here who shares in my life's struggles. There isnt a single person here who knows much about me other than what I choose to share.

And the same is true for you.

This is a very impersonal and "safe" way to build "friendships". Here we are not accountable. Here we dont have any responsibilities to each other.

I'm guilty of getting too personal. I've done that in the past and have really worked hard not to do that. I really try not to react to a person, and I know I fail.

This morning, getting blasted and accused of believing things that I have never stated I believe... it kinda put me over the edge. I took a lengthy break recently from SI because I didnt like the way the forum was going. I also found other more important things to do with my time.

I find that the quality of a lot of discussions and the way people react to one another is low. And again, I've played a part in it at times. I know that.

I also find that when the quality of discussions is higher on here, so is mine. When it's low... so is mine. More and more I try to take the high ground, be more gracious. I think the Lord has helped me succeed in that for the most part. Certainly not 100%... but better.

But I just cant be around some of this anymore. Too negative, too whiney, too much arguing and finger pointing and whatnot. Ugh...

Dont you all ever get tired of it?


 2012/3/6 12:00

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 Re: Making Assumptions

I love you Krispy.

 2012/3/6 12:09Profile


I love you too...


 2012/3/6 12:12


The majority of discussions here are edifying and I am blessed by them; however, I haven't been on this forum as long as many of you here, and I must admit I find the bickering so grievous. I pray there's not a newbie to the faith who comes across the, at times, lack of love shown here. We end up looking like a bunch of hypocrites.

It goes against the greatest commandment, to love. And in this day and age, the brethren need to be united in love, not divided like a pack of pharisees. I can't find any scriptures where virtual name-calling has profited a man, or arguing over people's interpretations of God's inspired Word. Pride, it's all it amounts to... whose cup is more full of pride. It causes division, hurt, anger - all the unrighteous fruit of the flesh. What does it profit a man to be right? to be wrong? Isn't it better to be wronged then to put oneself on the throne? God knows our hearts, he looks upon the humble.

Scriptures that often come to mind when thinking of these things amongst our own brethren...

Mt 18:15
Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.

Col 3:8, 12-13
But now you must rid yourselves of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips. ...
Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 13Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 14And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.

2 Tim 2:14-17
Keep reminding them of these things. Warn them before God against quarreling about words; it is of no value, and only ruins those who listen. 15Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. 16Avoid godless chatter, because those who indulge in it will become more and more ungodly. 17Their teaching will spread like gangrene.

2 Tim 2:23-26
Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. 24And the Lord’s servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 25Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 26and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.

Titus 3:2-11
... be ready to do whatever is good, 2to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.

3At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. 4But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, 5he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit, 6whom he poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Savior, 7so that, having been justified by his grace, we might become heirs having the hope of eternal life. 8This is a trustworthy saying. And I want you to stress these things, so that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.

9But avoid foolish controversies and genealogies and arguments and quarrels about the law, because these are unprofitable and useless. 10Warn a divisive person once, and then warn him a second time. After that, have nothing to do with him. 11You may be sure that such a man is warped and sinful; he is self-condemned.

"A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger" (Proverbs 15:1)

 2012/3/6 13:32


Amen, Wendio... you are right on the money.

Late last week someone one badgered me to death on some topic here, trying to draw me into a debate. I wouldnt bite, so I was trying to be polite. This person kept after me and kept after me.



 2012/3/6 14:16

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Late last week someone one badgered me to death on some topic here, trying to draw me into a debate. I wouldnt bite, so I was trying to be polite. This person kept after me and kept after me.

Thanks for the post Krispy. Something I would like to add is the motivation for the debate. I have found that when I discuss or debate my interpretation of scripture with others I am forced to go to scripture and really consider what I believe. It is good for me as it fosters growth. I learn much. Sometimes I realize I have been wrong about something or that I need to adjust my doctrine somewhat because I have overstated or failed to consider some portion of scripture. Among believers one of the primary motivations should be mutual edification and knowledge of scripture. There are times to stand for the unchangeable truths of scripture, for example salvation by grace through faith as opposed to salvation by works. But even in this the debate should not be ugly and we must guard against being in the flesh as we debate. Steven once had very hard words for the religious rulers of his day, but he was in the spirit as he spoke. The disciples on the other hand asked Jesus if they should call down fire and Jesus told them they did not know what spirit they were of.


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twayneb... you are so right.

Those who have been here for awhile can testify that my theology has evolved a lot since I have been here. I've been challenged by people as much as I have challenged people. Iron sharpens iron, and thats good... but so many times (and again, I am guilty and the chief of sinners) we use that iron to bludgeon people.

Anyone who was here when I first came here can tell you, I was bold... but I was learning, even tho I wouldnt admit it much. It's kinda comical to me to watch as people get upset at me over certain views I hold of scripture, and try to teach me what the other side believe... not realizing that not long ago I held the exact OPPOSITE view than I hold today. "Been there done that..."

If everyone would just calm down and stop acting like such buttheads they would find they might learn something.

People also need to learn to laugh at themselves. And also see the irony in a lot that goes on here. For instance people often get upset with me and think I am prideful and arrogant because I am "absolutely convinced" of certain doctrine and teachings... they are "absolutely convinced" that I am wrong. I find that hysterically ironic.

Everyone needs to stop seeing their brother and sisters here as some kind of enemy.


 2012/3/6 15:04

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