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 Prayer Request

Hi Everyone,

Just a simple prayer request please, could you all pray for my grandaughter Moxi, shes 10 months old and the source of alot of joy in my life, we know shes sick but not too sure with what, she has had a rasping cough for a month now and her eyes betray her happiness....i can't bear it as we are struggling in our walk before The Lord and in my personal relationship with my family, i can't throw in the towel as God's goodness and mercy are too great, but geez shes a tough walk...i dug a pit and can't get out....i have great friends who pray for me but a little more wont hurt...thanks so much......

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Ever consider she may have whooping cough? Sounds like it to me. She will likely survive it - whooping cough hangs around a long time.

One time my husband's family hosted a reunion. A young family was here and their 5 month old was racked with coughing spells - so bad it made you feel bad seeing it and hearing it. I asked the dad about it and he said they have been to doctors but nobody knows what is causing it. However, they do have an appointment with a specialist in Indianapolis after they return. Years later I asked about the doctor's diagnosis. He said it was whooping cough! I was floored! You mean to tell me the local doctors could not diagnose it? He replied that it is so rare they do not know what it looks like. Since then, it has become more common, but it was not so 30 years ago.

Just thought I would share this for your consideration.

Trusting all will be well soon.


Sandra Miller

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