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 3/1/2012 Pakistan (CDN) Christian Woman in Pakistan Freed After 'Blasphemy' Accusation-

In a rare triumph of rule of law over mob mentality in Pakistan, police last week resisted intense pressure from violent Muslim protestors and released without charges a Christian woman falsely accused of desecrating the Quran. Muslim teachers at City Foundation School in Roranwala village accused the school principal, Saira Khokhar, of desecrating a Quranic scripture booklet on Feb. 22. Police refused to bow to pressure from Islamists clamoring outside the school for registration of a case against Khokhar under Section 295-B of Pakistan’s widely condemned “blasphemy” laws. In most such accusations against Christians in Pakistan police file charges without proper investigation to quell pressure from accusers. After police rescued the principal from the mob, sustaining injuries from irate Islamists in the effort, Superintendent of Police Imtiaz Sarwar said that after a thorough investigation he had concluded that school staff members had falsely accused her.

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Praise God that the police protected the school's principal.
Pray that the police continue to stand strong in the face of future mob mentalities.
Pray that the school's principal is used to reach out to her coworkers.

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