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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : North Korea vows to launch 'sacred war' over US-South naval exercises

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 North Korea vows to launch 'sacred war' over US-South naval exercises

The North's National Defence Commission (NDC) described the exercise as "unpardonable war hysteria" and said its army and people would "foil" the US and South Korean moves with "a sacred war of our own style".

The threat is the latest instance of Pyongyang taking a hostile tone towards Seoul since Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of the late leader Kim Jong-il, took over following the death of his father in December.

Last week the North vowed "merciless retaliatory strikes" if any shells landed in waters claimed by Pyongyang during a live-fire artillery exercise near the disputed Yellow Sea border.
But in the event it took no military action in response to the drill. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: North Korea vows to launch 'sacred war' over US-South naval exercises

Wars and rumours of wars

Colin Murray

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 Re: Tyranny defined.

So, How would you describe the mounting world tensions amid Nuclear armed tyrants?...and limp wrist-ed political leaders without the backbone to resist even the threats of Banana Republic despots?

Powder keg!

And one day soon someone is going to throw a match that way just to hear the explosion.....because they value the Chaos more than the vast suffering war brings.....because only then, in war, can they validate the reasons they are a failed state, and cause their nation to focus on their villainous enemies; the cause of all of their problems.

North Korea cannot feed their people. Destroying their neighbors will wipe the slate clean to begin again, an establish the whys of deprivation for generations.

Tyranny defined.

 2012/2/27 10:52

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 Re: North Korea vows to launch 'sacred war' over US-South naval exercises

With all that is now happening in the Middle East it makes the fulfillment of the prophecy in Isaiah 17 about the destruction of Damascus all the more current. I think we may soon see this prophecy fulfilled.

Truly this is the end of the end times. Look up!


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